Listen: The Love On The Dance Floor Playlist!

Today on Fab, we’re helping you find Love On The Dance Floor with a collection of fashion, accessories, Pop Art and music-makers. Love at first sight ain’t no thang without a Grade A soundtrack, true? True. 

And so, without further ado, we give you our exclusive Love On The Dance Floor Playlist. These are our favorite tunes with “love” in the title, perfect for pregaming, and even better for that Anti-Valentine’s Day Dance Party you’re planning. Now, work it out!

How To Dress To Impress

When it comes to courtship rituals, humans are the luckiest of all animals. You know why? We get to pick our own plumage. These six quick tips will help you stand out from the herd.


1. When it comes to big nights out, say buh-bye to LBDs. Studies show no color is more alluring that red. Slip into a romantic frock in this heart-racing color to turn heads.


2. Want to mesmerize potential suitors? Don an industrial-inspired statement necklace that subtly appeals to men’s obsession with all things mechanical. So shiny! So sexy!

3. On the go? Carry a splashy colored tote with a geometric print. It’s practically like drawing an arrow over your outfit that’s says, “Look here.”



 1. It’s not the size of your feet, it’s what you put on them. Ditch those beat up kicks for a classic pair of oxfords. Instant dapper factor improvement!

2. Are you the funny, sensitive type? A texty tee breaks the ice and gets conversation going, even if you’re too nervous to make the first move.

3. Nothing is more attractive than confidence. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. A man with the courage to wear a bow tie is a man that gets noticed.


Once you’ve got their attention: be nice, maintain eye contact, and remember it’s what’s inside that really counts. Good luck!


We love a good collaboration: Rodgers and Hammerstein, Basquiat and Warhol, Schiaparelli and Bunuel, Piggy and Frog. So naturally, we jumped at the chance to bring this dynamic duo to Fab. Feast your eyes on Adidas by Tom Dixon.


We’ll break it down for you. 

Tom Dixon is pretty much the coolest industrial designer, ever. He’s responsible for some of the most iconic household designs of our time, including the ‘S’ chair and ‘Jack,’ the stacked polypropolene lighting fixture, and he’s spent time working with giants like Cappellini and Habitat. Under his own brand, he launches new collections of lighting and furniture bi-annually in Milan and London. The QUEEN OF ENGLAND even thinks he’s totally awesome: Dixon was recognized with an OBE for his services to British Design by Her Majesty in 2001.


And now, he’s collaborated with sportswear legend adidas to make a fashion line filled with investment pieces that your closet will thank you for profusely. The focus here is on functionality. Items are reversible, transportable, transformable, and altogether incredible as far as utility goes. Think flexible seams and jackets that double as sleeping bags.


This is sports world expertise meets British design smarts. This is high performance wear meets travel-worthy threads. The basic elements of each design are at the forefront, like material and structure.


Dixon describes his collection as “everything you can pack neatly in a bag for a week away.” He says he was inspired by two ideas: The Dandy Traveler and The Space Man. Both men are present in the color palette of the reversible tees and the one-piece jumpsuit (that separates, too).

We’ve got all of our favorite pieces on Fab. Take a look. Get excited. This is big. 

Aelfie’s Expressive Textiles


It’s possible you’ve seen Aelfie’s gorgeous rugs splashed across the pages of Dwell and New York Magazine. Perhaps you’re even one of the lucky few to have set foot in her Bushwick, Brooklyn studio and showroom, which is open by appointment only. Regardless, an air of rarity surrounds these textiles and begs further investigation.

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Watch Out! Resolution Breakers On The Loose

A Field Guide To Bad Influences 

Ten days down, just three hundred and fifty five to go. Whether you’re slimming down, getting spiritual, or just generally sorting your life out, we’re behind you. But WARNING: not everyone is. That’s why we’re put together a list of common underminers. They’re lurking around every corner, waiting to enable your suppressed urges to break that 2014 resolution. Stay strong!

The Litter Bug

The Saboteur:

Nice guy, but a little…anti-establishment. He doesn’t like politicians, or big pharma, or Top 40 music. He doesn’t like city sanitation ordinances either, apparently. But he sure loves being a contrarian.

The Spiel:

“Recycling is so ’90s,” he says without a whiff of sarcasm. “Like totally retro. An ego-stroking and ultimately ineffectual gesture leftover from the Clinton era.”

The Solution:

Pick your jaw off the floor. Then pick the plastic bottle he tossed off the top of the trash. Casually leave a reusable H20 bottle at his place. Mention that bottled “spring water” is a marketing scheme designed to exploit rampant consumerism and an unchecked need for aspirational objects. He’ll get it.

Carb-Bearing Co-Worker

The Saboteur:

She’s the life of every bi-quarterly financial touchbase. It could be because she’s wisecracking and well informed on office gossip. Or it could be because she always shows up with a veritable boulangerie of baked goods. 

The Spiel:

“You’re looking so svelte sweetie, you don’t need to diet,” she says as she slathers extra schmear on her sesame bagel. “Paleo, schmaleo! Besides, these are the best in the city. I even bought a bialy—special for you—’cause I heard you never had one.”

The Solution:

Just say no. Seriously. As a tiding of goodwill, offer to share your midday snack—fresh popcorn with a decidedly smaller calorie count.

Double Trouble

The Saboteurs:

This debaucherous duo self-describes as “professional socializers.” Often spotted dancing on tables, rules aren’t the only thing that gets broken during a night out with this pair. Coatracks, high heels, and the hearts of strangers have all been left strewn in their wake. 

The Spiel:

“It’s an envelope opening!” one exclaims. “We have to go!”

“One night off the record,” the second chimes in. “And one little cocktail—or two—it’s totally NBD.”

The Solution:

One night off the record can rapidly go totally off the rails—especially with these two. Rain check and suggest a night at home playing around with a molecular mixology kitThey’ll be so fascinated by the science of spirits that they won’t even notice you’re abstaining. 

The Permanently Permissive Pal

The Saboteur:

This friend is brought to you by the letters “O” and “K”. She’s so non-confrontational even doormats stand up to her.

The Spiel:

“Don’t beat yourself up about sleeping in and skipping the gym,” she says. “Obviously your body and brain needed a little extra snooze. I try not to judge, but don’t you feel like New Year’s resolutions are really reserved for a special, self-righteous breed of masochists? You’re fine just the way you are. Better than fine. You’re great.” 

The Solution:

Tell her you’re starting a dream journal—she loves the idea of unquantifiable improvement. 

No-Ambition Guy

The Saboteur:

Always down for: sleeping in on Sunday (and Saturday), Netflix marathons, endless coffee refills at the local diner.

The Spiel:

“We can do that later.”

The Solution:

Remind him that if he wants to stay semi-respectable, he needs to change his shirt every now and again.

Resolution Super Hero

The Saboteur:

She’s always eaten organic (and local, natch). She never skips the gym. She’s even a natural blonde (so she says). To call this friend an overachiever would be an understatement. 

The Spiel:

“Resolutions darling?” she says. “Why, yes I have a few. I’d like the kids to finally achieve fluency in Mandarin, while I need to brush up on my French. Because 2014 is finally the year we put a down payment on a pied-à-terre in Paris. Frankly, the beach house has just gotten boring.”

The Solution:

Stop comparing yourself to others. This isn’t a competition! And didn’t you want to travel more 2014? Keep on her good side and invest in some good luggage.

– Meredith Spencer