Bienvenue Chez Bradford

Credit: Jessica Sokolowski

Us here at were not all too surprised when we heard that Time Out New York is featuring an apartment tour of Bradford’s gorgeous living space. Our fearless co-founder and CCO (who’s just jetted back from a Thanksgiving weekend in Paris) is a walking embodiment of our company ethos: We live by design.

But before going on, we should clear something up. While Bradford does possess exquisite taste and a near pathological love of cleanliness, his most striking quality is that he’s downright hilarious, and his design sense reflects this. While his spaces are meticulously composed, he loves mixing color and form, playing with contrasts and find crazy combos that make everyone smile.

Photograph: Jessica Sokolowski

Looking around the offices here at—another interior that’s all Bradford— you see many of themes and signature touches of his apartment at a larger (and a less domestic) scale. Like Bradford’s home, our HQ shows not just his eye for pleasure, but design history as well. You can peruse Time Out’s wonderful write-up here and see just what we mean.

Photographs: Jessica Sokolowski


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