Furoshiki Shiki Folding 101

These bright, chic creations from Furoshiki Shiki are so simple and brilliant—we wish we would have come up with them ourselves! But we’re certainly content to obsess over them instead. Learn to construct your own bag below, and once you decide you can’t live another summer without one, buy it here (they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!).

Step One: Admire large geometric plastic shape. Wonder how it will become a tote bag.

Step Two: Fold longer handle over to meet the other. Skeptically glance at shaping. Wonder if it will actually stick together. Cede some cynicism but remain quizzical. 

Step Three: Fold sides inward. Notice how they stick together and form a transparent inner pouch. Cue unbridled delight, as well as annoyance at self that you did not come up with this idea, followed by excitement about shoving personal belongings inside of it and being able to actually see them.

Step Four: Fill bag with the things that normally reside in the darkest depths of your everyday tote. Place bag on arm. Look unspeakably hip. Maybe bring it to the beach, or at least take it for a spin beyond the Fab offices for lunch. Endure covetous stares from strangers. Smile smugly to yourself about being the proud owner and folder of bag. 


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