Award-winning designer Geoffrey Mac entered the fashion scene with a splash in 2002, and he’s been making waves ever since. Check out his Fab interview below and his eccentric, colorful, sexy designs in the Fashion Shop starting at 7PM EST tonight!

Where do you find inspiration?

I am obsessed with ancient cultures and all the similarities that arise through symbology.  It’s amazing how cultures from all over the planet have commonalities in everything from architecture to geometry and composition.  I like to examine what humans have found aesthetically pleasing throughout the ages and how great design stands the test of time.

Which designers—fashion or otherwise—directly influenced your aesthetic?

Rick Owens, Walter Van Beirendonck, Keith Haring, and Rudi Gernreich.

How did your brand launch? 

The brand began by building a following of clients for custom work.  After 8 years in New York I had a lot of great experience under my belt, first as the Production Director for Cynthia Rowley and later by consulting/engineering/constructing costumes for the renowned costume designer Zaldy, with whom I worked on costumes for the concert tours of everyone from Lady Gaga to Scissor Sisters to Britney Spears.  In Fall of 2011 I decided to take my brand to the next level and developed a Spring 2012 Editorial line which was promoted by MAO P.R. who I also collaborated with on my NY Fashion Week debut, which took place at Exit Art this past February.  The Spring pieces being sold on Fab were one-of-a-kinds which have appeared in a lot of great press and worn by celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Taylor Momsen, Neon Hitch, and Sharon Needles.  

Who are your style icons?

When I was a child my pop culture icons were Billy Idol, Madonna and most of all Cyndi Lauper.  I’m still inspired by the images of these stars from the 80’s however today they have a much more subdued style.  Currently Grace Jones holds the tittle for the most inspired.

Who are your favorite people you’ve worked with, and why?

Debbie Harry would be my all time favorite.  She is so gracious, glamorous, and timeless.  Also she’s unafraid to be noticed by wearing something unusual.

What are three style secrets you’d like to share with the world?

 1. Have fun with your wardrobe.  Fashion should make you smile.

2. Keep your style true to yourself, dress for you.

3. Don’t be afraid of color, be afraid of being common.

What’s coming up for you this fall and beyond?

This Fall we are launching our premier Women’s ready to wear line which we be sold by ODD, an on-line store who are opening a location in Manhattan this Fall. I’m also working on some new custom projects which I’ll be able to announce soon, check my website for all the latest updates.


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