A New Way to Work

Who could have predicted all the ways technology would change the way we work? The portability of laptops and tablets brought us the heralded ability to conference call with anyone, any time of day, from anywhere in the world… well, no need to wax poetic about the pajama-clad joys of telecommuting. Moving on.

Along with a change in how we do work comes a very specific shift in where we’re doing it from. Glass-walled offices aren’t the only thing blurring the lines between workspace and everything else: a kitchen table is a conference room is a cubicle. There’s also apparently research suggesting that some work is best done lying on the floor, and that whenever people are in the mood and mode of digital device usage, they prefer to sink their seating toward the ground. 

To that end, designer Patricia Urquiola has given the people what they want with the Hosu chair for Coalesse—seating equally at ease in your home, home office or actual office, that puts you as close to the piano nobile as possible.

This piece of furniture was made, in part, for your tech gear, and features a grommet at the base allowing for a power cord to pull inconspicuously into the seat, while a pocket in the back provides storage for a tablet or laptop. So what else was is made for? Why, your comfort, of course. From the cozy honeycomb finish, supportive structure and “come hither and chill” aesthetic, the Hosu chair makes you feel right at home, whether you’re working or watching cartoons on your iPad.


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