When Parsons The New School for Design was established in 1896 by impressionist painter William Merritt Chase, its purpose was to provide progressive artists-in-training with the opportunity to pursue their work free from the rigidity of a traditional art education. More than a century later, Parsons—renamed after former school president and director Frank Alvah Parsons, who guided the school through its evolution during the Industrial Revolution—continues to be synonymous with top-tier, inspired, out-of-the-box art and design.

 With the help of faculty members Steven Guarnaccia and Noël Claro, Fab and Parsons have come together to present a body of work collected from students in the school’s BFA Illustration Program. Students created and submitted hundreds of entries; Fab selected 30 to show and have their work sold on Fab.

“The overall quality of the art we received from students at Parsons was overwhelming, said Fab art buyer Austin Blonde. “We’ve turned this partnership into an opportunity for students to gain access to the design marketplace and experience the business aspect of entering the art market after college.” 

From watercolor to photography, printmaking and digital illustration, this collection represents the innovative and amazing work coming out of Parsons The New School for Design today. No wonder it continues to be a program lauded the world across for its creativity, originality and quality. 

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