It seems not so long ago that attractive men were still wandering the streets of even major metropolitan areas clad in baggy jeans, long-broken-up band tees and hoodies. But a slow, sure change has come upon us. These days, men want their fair share of medicine cabinet real estate for hair products, their wily eyebrows appear to be (mostly) tamed, and they are often on the lookout for awesome digs that fit well and look amazing. Bonobos has made dressing impeccably (and seemingly effortlessly!) a cinch—and now the company is making it even easier to get guys into great fitting clothing.

Introducing: Bonobos Guideshops, physical showrooms where dudes can go test out the company’s wares with a professional stylist before hitting the button to buy. Sounds good? Well, it gets even better. Each showroom comes equipped with experts trained in fit and style who walk customers through the Bonobos collection, from suits and denim to button downs and chinos. It’s practically a sartorial playground with your own private tour guide.

"We understand there are people who still want to touch and feel clothing before they purchase," says Andy Dunn, CEO and founder. "In the early days, we did a lot of trunk shows and welcomed guys into our office to try on clothes as needed. We’ve improved that experience and come full circle with the launch of Bonobos Guideshops. The direct service experience at our e-commerce showrooms help people understand our brand and discover what fits and looks good on them, making future web purchases even more convenient." 

The best part of all? Right now, on Fab, you can get a great deal on Bonobos gear at the Guideshops or on the site. So whether you’re shopping for yourself or know someone in need of a personalized makeover—be it your brother, your boyfriend, your best buddy or your favorite budding fashion fiend—this is the best way to put the right, most stylish foot forward in 2013. Happy shopping!

For more information on the Bonobos Guideshops, watch the video above or head over to the Bonobos site. Intrigued? We bet you are. Visit the Bonobos sale on Fab!


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