A Very Helping Hand: Introducing Jimmyjane’s HELLO TOUCH


Here at Fab, we’re constantly seeking stimulation—we’re talking both mind and body, people. We look for products that inspire and delight, we research designs that fulfill a need creatively, or enhance the everyday, but above all, we want to make you smile. (Okay—in this instance, maybe a bit more.) Today, we’re lucky enough to exclusively launch the newest design from Jimmyjane, one of our most stimulating vendors to-date. Say hello to HELLO TOUCH.

When Fab first featured Jimmyjane, back in November of 2011, we had the, ahem, pleasure of talking to Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Ethan Imboden.

When asked about his views on the importance of curiosity and exploration, Imboden said: “Each person’s sexuality is as intricate and individual as their fingerprint”. Hmmm. Now, we’re admittedly speculating here, but this sounds to us like it might just have been a springboard for the design philosophy behind HELLO TOUCH.


HELLO TOUCH literally puts vibration at your fingertips, making pleasure as personal as possible. With this product, familiar strokes offer all new sensations. “HELLO TOUCH is wonderfully intuitive”, says Imboden. “You touch naturally but get supernatural results—there’s nothing to learn, and everything to discover.” It can be used for external or internal stimulation for women, men, couples, threesomes, foursomes…you get the idea. All you have to do is lift a finger (or two).

Jimmyjane has its finger on the pulse (okay—no more puns), and this SF-based brand knows the market well. That’s why HELLO TOUCH is much smaller than other finger vibes out there, and with dual motors, it’s also more powerful. And like all Jimmyjane products, it has the element of beautiful design.


Being the design fanatics that we are, we love to see a company focus on the way a product looks just as much as the way it performs. In the words of Imboden: “For Jimmyjane, design isn’t an added element, it’s at the very heart of the success of our products and brand. It’s an approach, never an aesthetic appliqué, and it’s the key to how we deliver the power, subtlety and versatility….” In other words, HELLO TOUCH was just born that way. How lucky. And lucky you, who get to get TOUCHED.