Gwen the Gallant Guppy



It’s Pets Thursday at Fab, and what better way to kick things off than by introducing our resident Fab pet: Gwen, the betta fish. This isn’t an ordinary fish, we’ll have you know. She’s a survivor, a fighter, an underdog…errr, underfish. And like the pop star for whom she is named, she ain’t no hollaback girl. 

Adopted by Fab’s Quality Assurance team—affectionately known as the Cuddle Pod—Gwen spends most of her days hanging out inside of an aquarium clock, looking gorgeous. But one day, nearly everything changed for Gwen, and the Fab team that loves her. An aquarium visit from Fab’s co-founder and Chief Design Officer Bradford resulted in commotion: “What is wrong with your fish?” he exclaimed. After some diligent (we’re talking about the QA team, of course) research, the team discovered that Gwen was suffering from fish tuberculosis, depression, lack of appetite, and ragged decaying fins. Although the outlook looked bleak, the QA team was able to deliver the necessary fish medicine to Gwen.

Since then, Gwen has recovered beautifully—her fins are no longer white and jagged; her appetite has returned; and she has resumed her training to join the United States Swim Team at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Despite a small hiccup during Hurricane Sandy—Gwen was effectively “home-aloned” for a week when the office was shutdown and had to survive solely on her moxie and a thirst for Olympic gold—Gwen is doing swimmingly, much to the relief of Bradford and the QA team.

Due to her impending fame as a result of this post, Gwen is no longer available for interviews. But, we were able to snag a comment prior to her sudden burst of ego.


“Fab has saved my life…literally. Not only am I eating again, but my thirst for design is greater than ever before. Check out the magnificent pink stones that line my palace, and my clock that challenges Big Ben in grandeur. Now that’s Fab.”

To see some fabulous and pet-friendly designs—including R2 Solutions’ Fish Training kit (Gwen can’t wait to learn some new tricks)—be sure to visit the Pets shop tonight at 7pm. 

Ksenija Matijevic and Marianne Colahan


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