Vogmask—Nothing To Sneeze At


Mike is protecting himself with a chic and understated Vogmask that complements the pattern on his shirt.  

A fellow commuter coughed on one of our teammates last week. Packed cozily into a subway car, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. And now flu season isn’t just coming; it’s here. Usually gifs and videos go viral around the office, but now we’re trading coffee for Emergen-C and joking about installing hospital-style hand sanitizer dispensers on conference room walls. 


Lauren, who has already succumbed to the virus (note the Emergen-c and tissue supply) is coughing it out while protecting her team mates. 

Rather than implement a company-wide quarantine, we think we’ve found a simple yet stylish solution: Vogmask’s wearable particle filters.


You don’t have to wear a Vogmask for medical reasons only, it makes a badass accessory, too. (Bank robbers, take note.) 

A socially and environmentally responsible brand from Santa Cruz, California, Vogmask creates comfortable microfiber and organic cotton masks. These colorful, reusable face shields combine filtration and fashion, providing protection from pollutants, dust, allergens, and other substances you’d rather not have in your lungs. And according to bacterial filtering efficiency tests, these well-designed barriers stop 99% of flu, virus, and bacteria particles.


Taylor’s desk.

Too bad Taylor, who took these pictures yesterday, wasn’t wearing one, because now he’s at home coughing. So, if you catch yourself surrounded by plague-bearers, or about to sneeze into your elbow again, don’t make the same mistake. Purchase a practical particle filter of your very own on Fab.

Ali Butterfass


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