I love NOOKA. I’ve owned their Zen H model since 2010 and even though it sparked an interest in progressive, off-the-wall watch designs, it’s still pretty much the only watch I wear. When I started at Fab, that first thing I did was make sure our buyers were aware of the brand. Of course they were. It’s Fab after all. The second thing I did? See how much my employee discount was.

It always feels good to write about a brand you actually love, so I was totally pumped when I found out I’d be interviewing the insanely creative NOOKA founder and lead designer Matthew Waldman. Due to my (most likely unhealthy) infatuation with Waldman’s products, I decided to ask him to name me his top five current inspirations. Buckle your seatbelts and please keep all arms inside the blog post. This gets a little wild.


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New Music
I’m addicted to new music, and my taste veers towards very minimal electronic and indie rock. An exception this month is the new album by
Prince Rama, a Brooklyn-based psychedelic band. Their newest album, “Top Ten Hits of the End of the World” is a fun amalgam of psychedelic, Indian-influenced themes, pop and gothic horror soundtracks. And something I’m LOVING that was released in 2013, is John Talabot’s “Fin” (special edition). It’s 20 tracks of syncopated dance-oriented electronica with great vocals on many tracks evoking a sexy nightclub on a space colony.


I’m a late-comer to Instagram, and I only post as
@nooka_global, but I’m surprised by how much I enjoy the process and the connections. There is a strange comfort knowing the fixed size and palette of images on the feed, and digging into the connections from hashtag searches is pretty amazing. On an average of 2 days a week, I search my apartment for some toy or object to photograph (with or without a NOOKA product) to post before I head into the lab.


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Adventure Time With Finn And Jake
If there is one show that has me in constant awe of the creative thinking crammed into 12 minutes each week, it is Adventure Time With Finn And Jake. It’s created by Pendleton Ward, whom I also find to be an inspiring person. Finn is a lone 14-year-old human boy who lives with his 20-something shape-shifting dog brother, Jake, in the land of Ooo, a post-apocalyptic Earth with mostly peaceful kingdoms ruled overwhelmingly by princesses and defined by the composition of the inhabitants – candy people, hot dog people, etc. Finn and Jake are the mercenary protectors of Ooo. The show incorporates themes of environmentalism, vegetarianism, hyperspace physics and feminism in such an adroit and subversive manner that I am often left in awe.



A Good Horror Film
I recently saw
Mama directed by Andres Muschietti and it was wonderful. Not only was it stylistically stunning, but Muschietti and his team created a ghost/monster that was both scary and empathetic. For me, a good scare stimulates the subconscious part of the brain, eliciting more vivid and fraught dreams. To me, dreams are creative currency.



Research Science Papers
I actually spend a lot of time reading research science papers…when I can get them for free online of course. There was a time when I solely read papers on evolutionary biology with a focus on the reproductive strategies of marsupials and monotremes, so I consider myself an armchair scientist on that subject. Now I read more on physics and material science. It’s a bit frustrating to read about a material that is perfected in a lab and there are no avenues for me to have access to it as a designer, but I actually enjoy seeing the world moving closer and closer to the dreams of medieval alchemists. Moreover, as an optimist, I believe science and design will solve many, if not all of the pressing issues affecting our tiny and beautiful planet.


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