Vittorio Martini - Your Best Pen Pal

Italians seem to be genetically pre-disposed to being good at making things. They may not be excellent at collective organization, and let’s not even talk about driving a taxi, but from shoes to chairs to pasta to paintings, any product that is touched by an Italian hand somehow comes out impeccable. Hence, it’s no surprise that an Italian firm has created some of the best drafting tools available. 

Bologna-based Vittorio Martini has remained at the cutting edge of Italian pen and pencil design since its inception almost 150 years ago, crafting not just writing tools of all fits and finishes, but rulers, set squares, drafting compasses, folios, and stationery. So why are their tools so special? Well, they make your work look better.  The quality of construction along with their exceptional weight and balance produces lines that are smooth, consistent, and easily controlled. The venerable company also uses some of the best materials available—think aluminum, natural hard woods, purspex, and leather—which culminate in designs that run from sleek and sophisticated to fun and playful.


In a world where we’re getting increasingly alienated from pen and paper, it’s nice to think that these tools—linked to you, not a computer— help keep us better connected to our work by virtue of the physical act of writing and drawing, whether that’s drafting the plans for a building, vase, or chair, or scribbling wild notes for your soon to be lauded novel. There are studies to prove this, we promise. 

Taylor Quist

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