Do’s And Fondants - A Confession


Gutentag Bradford, wilkommen back!

We have a confession to make. While you were away in Fab Berlin, we indulged in a few bad habits. First, we started sending out way too many GIFs to everyone at Fab. Man, those low-res moving images are addictive. Then, we started leaving our coats and scarves everywhere, instead of in the handy dandy closets. It wasn’t very Fab, to say the least.

We felt awful, so we decided to make it up to you. Everyone knows that the way to your heart is with something sweet and colorful. So, we baked and decorated a very special cake for you with a nifty Brys + Edgewood fondant kit.


It was a pretty emotional night for both of us. We were giddy with anticipation, but nervous as two fondant virgins. We made a few pit stops on the way to Jaclyn’s kitchen for, you know, necessities: vegetable oil and wine.


Within an hour, things were going pretty smoothly. We’d found the missing wine opener, and this Pinot Noir was a real steal. Then we opened up our  Lollipop Yellow Cake Kit to find neat packages of everything we’d need, save some oil, eggs, and powdered sugar, tucked inside. We baked, we chilled (the cake, that is), we kneaded fondant (a fantastic stress reliever, FYI), and then we rolled, twisted, rolled, and draped our way to one delicious cake…or so we hoped. What we did know was that this was one fine looking cake. It wasn’t quite perfect, but it was pretty darn close.


The next day, beautiful lollipop cake in hand, we searched the office for you. We walked over there, and then to that other place, and finally we checked your office. No Bradford to be found! You had taken your Hideo Wakamatsu and jetted off to Europe.  People were eyeing our cake art rather hungrily. Forks started to come out. It was getting tense.


Suddenly, we spotted your cardboard doppelganger! “Come with us, Faux Bradford!” He didn’t say no, so off we went, skipping merrily along to continue the search. Eventually, Faux Bradford looked rather famished, so we offered him the cake.


He was kind enough to share. It was as yummy as it was gorgeous! Wish you had been here to taste it!


Jaclyn and Shirley

To create an equally gorgeous cake (and maybe impress someone who’s actually in the country) check out Brys + Edgewood’s sale in our Foodie Shop. 


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