Arik Levy: On Design And Romantic Gestures


If you’re even remotely interested in design (we’re assuming you are because you’re here) you have to be as excited for today’s sale as we are.

Today’s the day Fab is featuring Queens & Kings, a jewelry collection by artist, technician, photographer, filmmaker extraordinaire, and designer Arik Levy. This line of curvaceous, industrial, and cerebral bracelets and rings blur the distinction between sculpture and accessory. 

Originally hailing from Israel, and now based in Paris, Levy, as the aforementioned implies, is a man with many talents. He bounces from project to project, from giant one-off rock sculptures to the practical stuff, like pens for Acme, office furniture for Vitra, and lighting for MAISON&OBJET. He approaches each project as if it were as vital as taking a breath. See, for Levy, “creation in an uncontrolled muscle”.


We were lucky enough to score a short interview with the world-renowned designer about his inspiration behind Queens & Kings, his sleeping habits (or lack thereof), and his unbridled romanticism.

What first sparked your interest in jewelry design?

Since I was very young I have preferred creating jewelry as presents for my girlfriends rather then buying them…at the time I was not able to make them so I was delivering flowers to make money and had them made by a silversmith.


Can you talk a little about the inspiration behind the Queens & Kings collection? 

This collection has two sources…one is technology and its magic as well as the connection to micro-architecture. The other source is the names of kings and queens who historically had the power to own special pieces. But beyond these two, I would call the collection sculpture to wear, as it connects to my artwork.

What factors are there to consider when you create an object that people will be wearing?

Yes, this is an amazing issue for me. It is hard if not impossible to be in the user’s mind. The key for me is to be able to create a piece that allows different people to appropriate it and connect to it in various ways. I am overwhelmed by the success of this collection…whether it is acquired by the boyfriend to his loved one or by the woman or man for themselves…it is just a wonderful feeling to be connected to so many people.


Does the process differ when you’re creating art (like your rock sculptures), versus when you’re designing a product, like a pen or a couch?

Yes and no…design has one mission where art has a different one…the initiation of the creative process may be similar but the reasoning and narratives are not.


In an interview you mentioned that you sleep badly because you can’t stop thinking “about all the reasons things should be different.” Have you ever had a dream about a design that you’ve woken up to and thought I have to make that! And then did?

Sure and often. I feel I sleep being awake…like looking at myself sleeping…my mind spins at over-speed rate.

What are you interested in exploring with your work in the future?

All I have not done yet…soooo much.

Can you give us a play-by-play of a typical day in the life of Arik Levy?

Hahaha…you do not want to know…but it is soft and hard, fast and slow, interesting and intriguing, needy and free. I love most of the days and enjoy being in them.

Angie Nagel


Intrigued about these stunning pieces?  Don’t miss our Arik Levy sale.



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