Bespoke Post: Monthly Curated Gear For Guys


It’s okay. We’ve all got one. That friend that just can’t seem to get his sh_t together. Maybe he’s currently crashing on your couch, playing your XBOX, and eating all your Funyuns. Maybe he’s breathing all over the hot lady you’re talking to at the bar. Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s you. Whatever the reason, this guy—or you—needs some help, and Bespoke Post knows it. That’s why the men’s brand sends out monthly-curated boxes that run the gamut from beach essentials, to booze tools, to male grooming. Check out our guide laying out some of Bespoke Post’s previous boxes of awesome to see how your “friend” could have benefitted, and how you can help him in the future.

For The Guy That: Dresses Like His High School Self

Why: He still wears his Seniors Rule T-shirt and hasn’t bought a new pair of socks since summer camp.

Box: Swagger. This previous Bespoke Post box was dedicated to amping up your boy’s style game from the ankles up. Included were a variety of dress socks from Etiquette Clothiers, a leading purveyor of men’s basics. Your bro also would have benefited from $75 towards custom clothier Alton Lane, fine producer of custom suits and accessories.


For The Guy That: Eats Ramen Four Days A Week (And Not The Fancy Kind)

Why: He’s never used the stove in his apartment, thinks a good date means hitting up the early bird special, and has more condiments in his kitchen than dishware.

Box: Slate. Had he been tipped off to Bespoke Post sooner, your friend could have kissed his nine-month old ketchup bottle goodbye and opted for this box of culinary delight. He would have received edibles like Buffalo Trace bourbon brittle, Casalingo handcrafted Italian salami, smoked paprika okra, and small batch artisan oil and vinegar. To top it off, a natural slate serving board was included thanks to Brooklyn Slate.


For The Guy That: Still Drinks Natty Light Every Day

Why: It served him in well in college; we’ll give him that. But now it’s giving him a beer belly, scaring away mature women, and generally making his apartment smell like a frat house.

Box: Alchemy. Mixology is all the rage and this box had the essentials. Included in this month’s delivery were a Japanese style jigger for accurate pours, a classic Boston shaker that’s one part tin and one part mixing glass, a bar spoon and strainer, a silicone ice tray that makes two inch by two inch cubes, and essential Angostura’s bitters. And to make sure new mixologists are practicing to perfection, a cocktail guide was also enclosed.


For The Guy That: Keeps Stealing Your Razor

Why: Not only does he have more nicks on his face than Edward Scissor Hands, but he pulls a total Ackley and steals all your grooming gear. Ew.

Box: Shave. Grooming is next to godliness, or something like that, and let’s just say your friend has fallen far from grace. The Shave box from Bespoke Post put dapper in dob kits everywhere thanks to contents like a handmade pure badger shaving brush, a chrome brush stand that keeps your gear clean, and a collection of oils, creams, and aftershaves from award-winning eShave.


For The Guy That: Decorates His Apartment With Baywatch Posters

Why: We love the Hoff and Pamela just as much as the next guy, but your friend no longer lives in that room above his parent’s garage. He lives in the apartment above your garage. The least you can do is point him in the direction of dashing décor.

Box: Accents. It’s the small details that make a big difference to any abode. This box would have taken your boy’s nook up a notch via items like hand-painted coasters that double as works of art, a soy wax candle that smells like manly things (like absinthe), a Siskiyou cedar aromatic pouch for keeping the unwanted man scents at bay, and a Clairfontaine “R” notepad that features smooth, 90-gram paper.


Be sure to visit our Bespoke Post sale launching today, and snag a monthly subscription of curated cool.


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