Letter To A Young Magniflex Mattress

Ever since we started selling Fab’s own Magniflex mattresses, our staff has been raving over this insanely comfortable sleep helper. Last night, copywriter Emily Chang fell in love. 


Dear Mattress,

When you first arrived, I had my doubts. You looked smaller than I’d imagined, rolled up in your tall cardboard box. And I hate to say it, but you were quite heavy.

You might not know this, but I’m the kind of person who debates the merits of French fries versus tater tots for several agonizing minutes, then gives up and waits for the waiter to pry a final answer out of me. So, when it came to choosing my long-term sleep partner, I fretted over finding the perfect match.

You certainly had A-list credentials. Designed exclusively for Fab, by renowned Italian manufacturer Magniflex. Hypoallergenic—a good bodyguard against dust mites. Firm, but cozy. You made fiscal sense too: Top-notch quality at a crazy discount you would normally never see from such a big name.


You even had glowing references from people I trust. My editor, Marianne, gushed that, thanks to you, she’s “sleeping on a cloud wrapped in rainbows and dreams.” Jae, our VP of Global Strategic Accounts, confided that you were like “a magic carpet ride for the subconscious.” And our Sourcing and Product Development Manager, Anh, said that you molded perfectly to her body (how sexy is that?)—and completely erased her back pain. They’d all fallen under your spell, but I was still nervous about meeting you in person. What if we weren’t compatible?

Ever since I unrolled you from your packaging and spent that first blissful night with you, I knew that you were my sleep soul mate. We’ve only slept together once, but I feel like we’ve known each other forever. And I’m so glad to admit that first impressions (and all my fears about online mattress buying) were so utterly wrong.



P.S. If anyone else out there is seeking to make a love connection with a dreamy mattress, check out Sleep, bedtime by Magniflex here.


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