What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

It’s that annoying day again, when we all take stock of our love live (or lack of it). And usually, our thoughts about relationships become overwhelmingly complex very quickly. So we decided to hear from some people who could simplify it for us.


In a stunning journalistic coup, Fab has obtained an exclusive interview with Alva and Sophie, 5-year-old philosophers, to disseminate the truth about l-o-v-e. Put down your bon-bons (well ok, have just the one), move those bouquets out of the way, and prepare to delve deeply into the mysteries of the heart.

What do you think love is?

Sophie: Love is, like, something that you think about another person, like your mom or dad or sister or brother.

And how do you feel when you think about them?

Alva: Good!

Do they love you?

Sophie: Yes. Because we love them, so they should love us.


Do you love anyone in your class?

Alva: [starts jumping up and down]: Oh! Oh! Aaron! I love Aaron, he’s my boyfriend.

Sophie: I thought Oliver was.

Alva: No he’s my twin. [editor’s note: they have the same birthday]

What’s the difference between a boyfriend and a twin?

Alva: Boyfriends…You have fun with them. You go out with them.

[Interviewer is slightly perturbed] Where?

Alva: To dinner or to brunch.

[Interviewer is baffled] Do you go out for dinner with Aaron?

Alva: We’re not old enough.

Sophie: (Giggles)


So what do you and Aaron do?

Alva: Oh. Well, we kiss each other in class. We play tag. We hug each other.

Sophie: Aaron kisses her but Alva doesn’t kiss him.

She doesn’t?

Sophie: No.

Alva: I don’t have time. I have to do writing and stuff.

Sophie: She’ll be writing and then he’ll kiss her secretly.

Where does he kiss her?

Sophie: On the cheek or the arm.

Alva : Can we talk about something else now instead of boyfriends?

There you have it. Love is all around us, and if you love somebody they should love you back. Or should it be the other way around? Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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