A Tale Of Two Blizzards: Netatmo’s Urban Weather System At Work


Netatmo, the world’s first app-enabled weather station for iPhone and iPad, is a powerful tool with an up-to-the-minute readout of the climate outside (and inside) your door. Now we’re not trying to push you to buy this little handy helper, we just want to tell you a story.

Picture, if you will, two identical people living in identical locations (yes, an alternate universe scenario is a bit heady for a blog post, but try indulge us here). One fellow had the good sense to equip his home with this invaluable weather forecasting system and the other did not. Let’s see what happened to Person A and Person B during last week’s blizzard.

9 AM

Person A wakes up. Brushes teeth. Jumps in the shower. Sings “Genie In A Bottle” by Christina Aguilera. Towels off.

Person B wakes up. Brushes teeth. Jumps in the shower. Sings “Genie In A Bottle” by Christina Aguilera. Towels off.

9:30 AM

Person A fixes breakfast. Frosted Mini Wheats. Glass of OJ. Munches while still lightly humming “Genie In A Bottle.”

Person B fixes breakfast. Frosted Mini Wheats. Glass of OJ. Munches while still lightly humming “Genie In A Bottle.”


9:45 AM

Person A whips out his iPhone and pops open the Netatmo App. Immediately, he is updated on the extreme weather conditions going on outside: Current temperature is 31 degrees, but that’s expected to drop to 25 later in the day. Very high winds. Heavy snow will accumulate up to 13 inches, continuing well into the evening. “Better break out my ski jacket, wool hat, and waterproof boots,” says Person A.

Person B thinks about how awesome it would be if Beyonce and Christina Aguilera battled while wearing giant bi-pedal mechanized robot suits. He then takes a quick peek toward the window and, seeing some sun shining through, decides it’s probably about 75 degrees out today. Person B feels proud of his weather-guessing prowess.

10 AM

Person A gears up for the oncoming winter assault. He equips a dual-layered waterproof ski jacket, Merino wool scarf and hat, insulated gloves, and his heavy-duty waterproof Timberland boots. On his way out the door, he grabs a snow shovel from the utility closet just in case his car is stuck.

Person B throws on a T-shirt, shorts, sandals, and a baseball cap. On his way out the door he stops in his tracks and smacks himself on the head. “Wow,” he says, “how could I be so absent minded?” He doubles back into his apartment, laughing at his own foolishness. “I forgot my sunglasses!” He grabs an oversized pair of shades from a dresser drawer and slides them onto his face. With a quick peek in the mirror and a satisfied wink, he’s on his way out once again.


10:05 AM

Person A stands with shovel in hand, triumphant amidst the frozen wasteland that is his apartment’s parking lot. Just as he suspected, his car is fully encased in an icy tomb. But with his trusty snow shovel and a little elbow grease, it doesn’t take long to free the vehicle. And since he had started the car and cranked the heat in advance, its interior is toasty when he jumps behind the wheel. He flips on the radio and hears the sweet vocal stylings of Christina Aguilera and he knows this is going to be a great day and—as long as he has the Netatmo app—a great winter. Bring on the next blizzard.

Person B bounds out into the parking lot and is immediately greeted by the ground, which rushes up to meet his face. He’s slipped on the icy path and fallen headlong into a drift of biting snow. He struggles to his feet and discovers that he has sunk into the snow bank up to the knees. He looks around, bewildered and shivering. “What is this?” he says. “It was all sunny and stuff. Why is it snowing?” The wind rips through the thin fabric of his shorts and wet slush stings between his toes. He fumbles for the keys to his apartment, but he dropped most of his pockets’ contents into the snow during his initial spill. “I’m stuck out here!” As panic sets in, Person B’s life flashes before his eyes. “I didn’t listen! I refused to get a Netatmo Personal Weather Station and I’m paying for my hubris!” Now reduced to trudging down the block in nothing but sandals, shorts, and a tee, Person B whispers a few bars of “Genie In A Bottle” behind chattering teeth. “I’m a g-g-g-enie in a b-b-b-bottle, b-b-baby…” But it’s no use. Winter has beaten him, and not even X-tina can save him now.

Rob Guizio

This has been a cautionary tale about the importance of proper weather monitoring. Netatmo Personal Weather Station will help you plan your wardrobe, calibrate the climate of your home, monitor air quality, track long-term patterns in your area, and much more. You can find it for sale, right here and now.


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