Give OnePiece A Chance

Last night, we debuted the Norwegian leisure wear label OnePiece on Fab. Its signature jumpsuits (think a fusion of pajamas and a sweat suit) have already become a smash success on Fab Europe, so we asked our friends in Berlin to share their  experiences with this controversial but oh-so-comfortable garment. Copywriter Alex Gwilliam reports. 



The Onesie. Not since parachute pants has an item of clothing proved so divisive. To some, it is the ultimate in leisure attire – a gift from the lounge gods sent to facilitate a life of comfort over conscience.

To others, it’s a giant babygrow; a symbol of inexcusable self-indulgence and refusal to grow up. But, hey, if you ask us, those haters probably need to learn to relax a little…

Whether you’re for onesies or against them (and, FYI, with our OnePiece sale we’re definitely in the pro camp), it’s important to lay down a few ground rules surrounding their ownership. Even we realize there has to be some self-control here, lest their popularity spill over into some kind of front-zippered, perma-sloth epidemic. So, as veteran OnePiece wearers, we give you our three golden rules: 

1.     A onesie should never be worn for more than 15 consecutive hours. It might feel as comfortable as a second skin made from clouds, but please don’t let it get to the point where a record of your entire weekend can be found soaked into its fibers.

2.     A onesie should only ever be worn around the house. Granted, if you’re elbow deep in a 12-hour Indiana Jones marathon and find yourself in the grip of a nacho shortage, a quick trip to the corner store is acceptable. Wearing one to a bar, however, is not.

3.     A onesie is an item of clothing, not a lifestyle choice. Yes, everyone enjoys the odd spot of shameless inactivity, but wearing a onesie every day is not some kind of manifesto for a free and unencumbered existence.  It’s a sign you probably need some more clothes.


 Lead Crackerjack Tom Chalet chillaxing in his OnePiece.

Follow these three simple guidelines, and there’s no reason why your onesie can’t take pride of place in your leisurewear arsenal. Just don’t get any crazy ideas about getting married in one. It’s already been done, and should never be repeated.

-Alex Gwilliam, Copywriter Fab EU


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