Pickwick & Weller Wants To Dress You Differently


When you think about clothes with a tailored, exceptional fit, your mind does probably not associate to T-shirts. But that’s exactly what Pickwick & Weller is trying to change. Actor Ashton Kutcher, and his long-time friends Ryan Donahue and Matt Rowe, founded the young apparel brand last year in an attempt to rethink both wardrobe basics. Pickwick and Weller’s tees come in a selection of cuts and styles, and to make it extra-easy to find a perfect fit the company will deliver a kit with different styles and sizes for you to try on at home.

All this sounded intriguing to us, so naturally we jumped at the chance to throw a couple of questions at the Kutch.

You have approximated both the try-before-you-buy and the personal shopper experience. Why was this important to you as an e-commerce company?

Giving our customers both the personal shopper and home try-on experience is just a facet of our goal to deliver superior products and an unmatched customer experience. A high-end customer experience should not be limited to what your typical brick and mortar store can offer.

You’ve turned the “One Size Fits All” notion on its head by literally saying no, one size does not fit all. Why was it important for the company to hone in on this idea?
We firmly believe that your everyday basics should be just as tailored and well crafted as any other garment you own. We wanted to offer a selection of cuts and fits that you won’t find with other brands as a way to provide our customers the option of selecting a fit that caters to their style preferences and needs.

When it comes to both fabric and design, both the men’s and women’s styles have a lot of similarities. How come?

We focused our Fall 2012 Collection on perfecting the fit and craftsmanship of the T-shirt. For both men and women, we kept the style minimal and refined.


You seem to have your hand in a lot of projects and could really choose anything to be involved in right now. Why fashion?
My co-founders and I felt that fashion, especially the notion of a “modern uniform,” was an integral part of our involvement in other projects and work environments. By noticing a shift towards a more laid-back yet refined work wardrobe, we were able to identify the need for an elevated and accessible T-shirt.

What are the next steps for Pickwick & Weller? Where do you see the company a year from now?
In the next month, we will launch our Spring Collection and Tee Club. The Tee Club is a T-shirt subscription service where we deliver a curated selection of tees and an additional gift every three months. A large percentage of our customers end up purchasing multiple times, and we want to offer a simplified process to do so. In a year, I see Pickwick & Weller continuing to define modern workwear.


What makes Fab a great home for Pickwick and Weller?
Just as Fab sees design as integral to bettering one’s life, Pickwick & Weller elevates the experience of one’s most foundational garments through attention to design and craftsmanship. Design is at the heart of what we do and Fab is the home of great design.

Kevin Miller

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