Milton On Lincoln

Today, we’re selling several fantastic pieces from Milton Glaser’s library of work. One of them is a timely and updated version of his poignant Lincoln portrait.


Milton Glaser has been a force in the world of graphic design since he helped found New York’s legendary Push Pin Studios in 1954. While Push Pin has now closed its doors, Glaser continues to produce work that retains his razor-sharp, yet never self-serious eye and inimitable range of styles. 

This week, Fab’s offering a collection of Glaser’s work, and in a timely bonus, Milton has included a series of Abraham Lincoln portraits that present our crusading former president in a wonderfully direct design. As you have no doubt noticed, this prominent president is having a moment. But it’s not the first time, as he seems to pop up from time to time in popular consciousness, and that includes the mind of Milton Glaser.

In Milton’s words, the original Lincoln design, “Was done as a book jacket for my friend, and publisher, Elisabeth Scharlatt. After I saw the new film, I was so moved, and found it so inspirational, that I did an updated version. It’s understandable that the Lincoln character appeals to us now at a time of such shifting values. His modesty, decency and consistent honesty seem like attributes we desperately need.”

Taylor Quist 


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