Clean And Serene—Make A Difference With Your Fork


Champion of sustainable seafood and artisan producers, CleanFish has been a constant source of oceanic delicacies for the Fab Foodie shop. In addition to the incredible flavor of its offerings—like Loch Duart salmon from Scotland, branzini from the isle of Cyprus, sweet calico scallops from Georgia, and so much more—CleanFish seafood is also healthier for people and the planet.

As a Fab-exclusive sale of giant succulent red king crab legs (are you drooling yet?) launches this week, we caught up with co-founder Dale Sims to learn more about his company’s mission and get some mouthwatering tips for enjoying those crab legs (hint: buy the best, crack open, and eat!).

Why was CleanFish founded?

CleanFish was founded on the idea of supporting artisan and sustainable seafood, both wild capture and aquaculture. We declined to enter into the argument of wild vs. farmed. A more valuable and important conversation is artisanal vs. industrial.

Industrial food production systems can wreak havoc on the environment as they focus on gaining financial returns, often ignoring the importance of making positive social and environmental returns. The problem with industrial-farmed salmon is cost to the environment. There are too many big farms, positioned too close together, and overstocked with fish. They’ve become breeding grounds for disease and pollution.


CleanFish founders Dale Sims and Tim O’Shea 

What does your motto “vote with your fork” mean?

When you vote with your fork, you make choices about the food you eat—taste, nutrition, animal welfare, and environmental impact. We want food that is healthy.

I am an omnivore who respects life. This means treating the chickens, pigs, cows, and fish we raise for food with respect. I want to know they are treated humanely and are not simple commodities for consumption. They are living, breathing organisms, being sacrificed so I can live. They deserve my respect. With this, I encourage everyone to VOTE WITH YOUR FORK, and vote regularly.

How has CleanFish made a difference in the marketplace?

CleanFish has made a difference by being a champion for those artisan producers striving to better things in an industrial commoditized world. We are their voice in the marketplace.

When did you start offering the giant red king crab legs?

CleanFish focuses primarily on fresh fish, so crab is not one of our regular, day-to-day items. We sourced our king crab legs exclusively for Fab.

We’ve always wondered…what happens to the rest of the crab, when people only buy legs?

There is very little meat in the body of a king crab. What you’re usually left with, after detaching the legs and claws, is the carapace, lungs, and organs—not edible stuff. I honestly don’t know what becomes of it.

Do you ever get crabby?

I’m almost never crabby, if ever. I learned long ago that I can’t control what other people do or say. I can only control my own behavior. Being crabby doesn’t change anything except the atmosphere around you. I don’t like being around unpleasant people so I try to make sure I’m not that kind of person myself. For me, the glass is never half-empty, it’s always half-full.

Speaking of half-full, let’s talk food! What’s your favorite way to eat king crab legs?

My favorite way to eat king crab is to reheat the legs by steaming them, and dipping the meat in hot melted butter. But when I simply can’t wait, I just cut away the shell, pull out the meat, squeeze a little lemon over that snow-white crabmeat, and go for it. They’re simply that delicious.

Yum yum! You don’t have to wait either. Get your hands on some legs (ooh, you know how to use them!) in this week’s Foodie shop.

Shirley Chan


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