Making A Statement. Why We Love Printed T-Shirts.

Fashion. Nothing else makes you want to stand out and fit in at the same time. And no item of clothing epitomises our need to express our individuality and our allegiance to a group as well as the printed T-shirt. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your favourite band, the mantra that keeps you sane or a political statement: the letters and pictures on your chest tell people who and how you are.

Back in the day, no print was necessary to make the T-shirt a sensation. Our favourite rebels of the 1950s helped the humble tee emerge from its neglected existence as underwear. After Marlon Brando and James Dean had worn, torn and removed their plain white t-shirts on film, there was no way it could be banished back underneath the button down shirt.

But a lot has happened since then. Before we came up with this selection of our 100 favourite tees, our parents went through a tie-dye phase, Che Guevara conquered the world and everyone had to learn that New York is the most hearted city on earth. Luckily, Fab loves diversity and we’ve hunted down a much broader selection of contemporary shirts. As an intro, let’s imagine these T-Shirts were people. Out of Print would invite you to discuss your take on Kubrick’s Lolita movie over coffee and cigarettes.  For everyone who appreciates honesty and blatant wit, Never Tell Your Tailor would be fun to hang out with. Spharell would constantly impress you with his ability to play with language and colour. And when you need a friend who will just give you a piece of their mind, Buy Me Brunch would be your man.

Yes, tees are like humans. You will fall in love with some. You won’t get along with others. And some just know exactly what you’re about. But - more effectively than most people - they put it in a nutshell. 

- Ulrike Schäfer, German Copywriter, Fab Europe


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