Today we’re selling your newest must-have, the customizable doorbell iChime. Kate Canary explores all the new ways to reinvent your ding-dong.


The in-laws have arrived. Your jilted ex forgives you. The pizza’s here…2 hours late. There’s a lot behind the ring of a doorbell, and “ding-dong” just isn’t cutting it.


Responding to the public outcry over inadequate doorbells, iChime designed a digital, personalized alternative. It’s pre-loaded with dozens of occasion-appropriate sounds, plus room to add your own. Imagine the solutions! The pranks! The theme parties!


The possibilities can be overwhelming. To get you started, we’ve compiled a few of the more realistic scenarios (wink) tailor-made for the iChime. Listen along with the Sound Library.


Scenario #1: Romancing The Hot Delivery Man

Nobody looks as good after scaling a five-flight walkup as Ron the delivery dude. But in spite of your flirtatious banter and steady, incremental tip increases (hello, 30%!), he has yet to make a move.


Cue: “Wedding March.” This tune emanating from the other side of the door—paired with the intoxicating aroma of your Pad Thai—should coax him into getting down on one knee. (Or at least get your number. Wait, doesn’t he have it? Best not to read into things.)


Scenario #2: Breaking The Ice With Your Newly Moved-In Significant Other

The Love of Your Life sees “saggy, potentially infested hand-me-down couch” and “vintage” as synonymous. And also, who leaves their socks there right before the guests arrive? Still, you’re in love, and this cohabitation thing can only get easier.


Cue: “La Cucaracha.” Nothing gets you two past a disagreement and ready to greet company like reminiscing about your tequila-soaked second date at that charming cantina. (Note: If your honey is at all responsible for the new pest problem, choose a different song.)


Scenario #3: Deterring Door-to-Door Salesmen

In this Fab, Fab world, who has time for at-home solicitations? You’ve tried the polite approach, but “I’m not interested” rarely deters today’s pesky encyclopedia peddlers.


Cue: “Witch Cackle.” Risk spending the rest of his life as a toad for a meager commission? Over his dead, polyester-suited body.


Scenario #4: Appeasing Your Pet

Boomer the Cockapoo is an excitable rascal. And while he’s trying to protect the home turf, you’re growing weary of hearing a barked and howled rendition of War and Peace every time the doorbell rings.


Cue: A recording in your own voice. Boomer’s so used to hearing you talk to yourself, he’ll have no clue an intruder is in his midst.


Scenario #5: Getting Your Deadbeat Roommate To Clean

Another Sunday morning means another instagram-worthy tableau of your roommate sprawled across the couch amid a sea of beer cans, pizza crusts, and undergarments of questionable ownership.


Cue: “Siren, Police Arriving.” Mid-hangover haze, he’ll be convinced he took it too far last night and has a one-way ticket to Alcatraz. Watch him sweep up the evidence in record time…only to find your neighbor/co-conspirator chuckling on the other side of the door.


This is just a glimpse into a more personal, playful world—one where the iChime is considered a household necessity. It starts with you, creative dwellers.


—Kate Canary