Baking in the Family with Sisters’ Gourmet

Founded in 1995, Sisters’ Gourmet really began much earlier for sisters Lisa Sorensen and Suzy Sultemeier. Baking was a cozy family activity that infused their home with heartwarming aromas and mouthwatering treats all year round. These days, they meld an old-fashioned reverence for all-natural ingredients with creative recipes and bright, modern packaging to turn cookie mixes into giftable masterpieces. Let’s take a trip down memory lane together.


How old were you guys when you started baking?

We honestly can’t remember. We were helping in the kitchen as soon as we could stand on a stool and reach the counter.

Your mom used to bake cookies all the time. Did you two have a favorite flavor while growing up?

Mom baked a lot, but we don’t remember her making a huge variety of different cookies. We could pretty much count on Chocolate Chip Cookies or Peanut Butter Cookies, though. We also baked with our Grandma, who taught us the art of making yeast raised donuts, as well as other things. At Christmas time, we would visit our other Grandma and her sisters, and spend time baking Christmas cookies with them. To this day, our favorite Christmas cookie is still one we baked with them—it has many names: Snowballs, Wedding Cookies, Pecan Balls, Russian Teacakes.

 What was the first baking mix offered by Sisters’ Gourmet?

We started with two recipes—Cowboy Cookies (now sold as Oatmeal Chocolate Chip or as Cookies for Santa during Christmas) and Million Dollar Cookies (still sold under the same name throughout the year and as Merry Everything during Christmas).


Was that a family recipe, or something created for the company?

The Cowboy Cookies were a recipe from a good family friend that we had adopted as one of our family favorites. Our Million Dollar Cookie recipe was one that we developed as a variation of the famous “$250 Neiman Marcus Cookies.”  We said that their recipe may be worth $250, but ours was worth a million!

Sisters’ Gourmet was listed in Oprah’s O Magazine! Did you get to meet her?

 We were very lucky to be included on the O List, but not lucky enough to meet Oprah. It was a great honor, though, and an experience we will never forget! If anyone at O reads this blog—we really wouldn’t mind if you want to include some of our new mixes on another O list. For instance the Coconut Salted Caramel Blondie mix would be a great addition!


What does your inner Cookie Monster demand?

I’m not saying I’m Cookie Monster…all I’m saying is that no one has ever seen us in a room together. Hahaha!

When people ask if I crave chocolate, I tell them that I do when it is surrounded by flour and sugar. So, my inner Cookie Monster prefers some sort of chocolate in the cookie.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever baked?

We’ve tried it all, so nothing seems too crazy to us! We have tried baking cookies with pretzels, potato chips, and marshmallows, and end up always coming back to more of the basics. And fyi, marshmallows don’t work in cookies.  :)


Well, sounds like these sassy sisters have done all the hard work in figuring out perfect recipes based on a lifetime of experience. Visit the Sisters’ Gourmet sale in Fab’s Foodie Shop to get your mitts on colorful ribbon-tied jars of cookie, brownie, and blondie mixes for your own homemade happiness. With the variety of yummy springtime assortments available, you could even give these pretty mixes as unique hostess gifts to spread the joy far and wide!


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