A Shop of Ice & Fire: Fab Journeys to Westeros

Sunday night marks the third season premiere of Game of Thrones, the HBO epic fantasy series based on George R. R. Martin’s bestselling books. In honor of this much-anticipated return to the sprawling Seven Kingdoms, we’ve assembled two collections of licensed memorabilia, apparel, accessories, and more, fit to grace the finest shop in King’s Landing. Winter is coming… luckily one of our in-house fans was willing to share her special preparation strategy.



To commemorate the new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, I had the grand idea to live the week leading up to the premiere as a denizen of The North. Given our recent weather, it felt like a natural choice. When I made this plan, I failed to anticipate some small but key differences between NYC and Winterfell. Luckily, Fab came through with plenty of modern compromises that wouldn’t get me sent to the Wall.

Idea: Dress like a vassal of House Stark.

Problem: Apparently MTA disapproves of chainmail-garbed commuters wielding Valyrian steel. Also, Valyrian steel is hard to obtain without a permit.

Solution: A magnificent and imposing yet unobjectionable House Stark T-shirt




Idea: Rear and train a dragon (or three) to be my companions.

Problem: Having three dragons in a one-bedroom apartment seems like a recipe for disaster. Plus, dragons are not real. Probably.

Solution: A dragon egg necklace fit for a Khaleesi. Beautiful and 100% less likely to set the kitchen on fire.



Idea: Redecorate apartment to resemble Winterfell. Stone walls will provide insulation in winter (and winter is coming!). Bonus: resistant to fire and arrows.

Problem: Both husband and landlord disagree.

Solution: Banish husband and landlord to the Wall.

Solution 2: Direwolf bookends are practical and chic; even Lady Catelyn would approve.




Idea: Start each morning with a hearty tankard of ale, in memory of Robert Baratheon and to drink the health of good King Robb.

Problem: Have you tried drinking ale for breakfast? Especially at the office?

Solution: A mighty mug that will easily hold a king-sized triple espresso.



Idea: Break my fast and supp each night like a true Westerossi.

Problem: Does Whole Foods sell organic Aurochs?

Solution: A Feast of Ice & Fire, the official companion cookbook for A Game of Thrones, has recipes for every meal and every occasion, from feasting in King’s Landing to meeting with sellswords in Meereen.


For more goods, collectibles, and media, visit our Westeros Boutique and see Finds from Seven Kingdoms. And slake your thirst for love, hate, intrigue, direwolves, and Others with the season three premiere: Valar Dohaeris, tonight on HBO.


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