Pawsitively Purrfect Picks from some Fab Cats

For some people, Saturday is just Saturday—a day to relax, unwind, go grocery shopping, eat breakfast at 3pm, etc. For others, Saturday is actually pronounced Caturday, and it is a day spent celebrating their cats, the cats of their friends, the cats of the Internet, the cats of their dreams, and so on. Fab, being the feline-friendly place that it is, has curated a cat-tastic collection in Saturday’s shop. Even Grumpy Cat will like what we’ve done here.



Well, maybe not.

Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of cats on staff at Fab to help review their favorite Caturday picks. 

1. Beefcake Print No. 9: Reviewed by Ringo


Ringo, if you could describe this piece in one sentence, what would it be?

At long last, some art I can get behind—I mean, me-owww, amirite?

Meow, indeed. Now, where will you put your beefcake poster?

Above my bed, of course. And on the ceiling, so I can gaze upon it when I stretch out on my back. And also by my food dish so I can feast my eyes, too. Wait, do I only get one?? You’ve got to be kitten me.

While Ringo copes with only having one print, get your paws on your own Beefcat here.

 2. Kit-Kat Clock: Reviewed by Sal


Do cats know how to tell time?

I can tell when it’s time to nap, or when it’s time to put my paws in my mom’s face, or when it’s time to sit on her computer while she’s trying to work.

So, Sal, do you need the Kit-Kat Clock?

Need? No. Want? Absolutely. 

What is it about the clock that makes you want it?

Beclaws it’s a classic, to be sure. Did you know that these have been made in the USA since 1932? It’s iconic.

Compelling. Anything else?

It’s incredibly good-looking. Must be that black cat style.

Follow Sal’s lead, and find your purrfect Kit-Kat Clock here.

3. Cat Scratch DJ Deck Toy: Reviewed by Charles


Charles, how long have you been a cat DJ?

Spiritually? My entire life. In actuality, since my Dad got me this DJ Cat Scratcher.

What do you like about this turntable setup?

On a practical level, I’ve put my scratching to more productive use. Instead of clawing up the couch, I scratch out sweet beats. I’m currently working on a mix tape entitled “Feline Good: The Charles Sessions.”

Now, Charles, you know that this scratcher doesn’t actually make sound and have recording capabilities, right?

I don’t know what the Hell you are talking about.

Get your cat to channel his inner Deadmau5 here, with SUCK UK’s Cat Scratch DJ Deck.

4. Belly Smackin’ Good Print: Reviewed by Francie and Hammy.


I know that you are both art acifionados, but speak to me more in terms of what this print means to you, personally. 

Francie: We spend a lot of time on our bellies.

Hammy: Also our backs.

Francie: We also like to hug a lot.

Hammy: Bottom-line? This is basically the story of us.

Where are you going to keep this print?

Hammy: Other than in our hearts you mean?

Francie: I’d like to put it on the bathroom mirror so when Moms are brushing their teeth, they’ll still think of us all the time.

Hammy: They already do that. Duh.

While Francie and Hammy figure out the right place, find your own furvorite item here with The Dancing Cat. 

5. Wesley Polo: Reviewed by Raleigh St. Clair


Mr. St. Clair, I’ve been informed that you are a scientist?

A scientist, of sorts. You can call me Doctor St. Clair, if you choose.

Right. Doctor, what do you look for in terms of wardrobe? 

Well, when I am conducting research, I like to make sure I am comfortable, but also professional. No t-shirts for me. This is not a gym, it’s a research facility.

It looks a bit like a couch. But okay. So, you go for the Wesley Polo?

I always go for a Wesley Polo from Cat-toure. It’s the premier cat clothier, and I wouldn’t settle for anything less. Plus, they even carry hoodies and tees for non-scientist cats who like to keep it more casual.

Clothe every cool cat—scientist and layman—here, with Cat-toure.

Meow, be sure to visit Saturday night’s Caturday shop, launching at 7pm. You’ll find everything you need for cats and human cat-enthusiasts alike. 

Marianne Colahan


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