The Record Book Prints

Today we’re selling Christophe Gowans’ addictively witty art work, which features albums-reinterpreted-as-book-covers. AJ Kushner tunes in.


Christophe Gowans’ career as a graphic designer and art director implies a refined knowledge of how we respond to text and images in different contexts. His work in the recording industry designing album artwork suggests an appreciation for the power of music to stimulate visual responses in the brain. And his fascination with book covers as artifacts allows his brilliant series of Record Book Prints to make perfect sense. The project imagines bestselling pop and rock albums as popular novels, pulp magazines, and self-help titles from every decade of the last century.


While admiring one of Gowans’ pieces from your favorite reading chair is entertaining enough, a real treat is a journey to his website, where his full catalog is on view. Within each print’s page is a brief “synopsis” of each title, and as such the reasoning behind the choice of book cover, all of which are hilarious. Gowans’ summaries reveal a silly and acerbic wit – at the expense of the personal integrity of his “characters,” but at great enjoyment for the reader. Some of our favorites:


The Beatles – Abbey Road:

Classic paperback. The story of two catholic sisters growing up in a swiftly changing post-war Britain. Guess what? It doesn’t end well.

Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks:

Fast-paced 1958 thriller: a jilted train driver hi-jacks his New York subway train to exact revenge upon his love rival, only to threaten the life of his ex-lover. The last 30 pages are missing. Don’t know if she survives.


Michael Jackson – Bad:

Gruesome schlock from the prolific Jackson. In this relentless stalkerfest, private eye Dwight Blackman takes on the ‘Shamone’ Killer for the 3rd time. Will the psycho slip through the dick’s fingers yet again?


AJ Kushner


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