A Meeting With Monsieur Fox—A Discussion of Style, Confidence, and Cuff Links


Listen up, gentlemen! Today, we’re selling the most exquisitely dapper cufflinks you’ll ever come across, courtesy of Monsieur Fox. We were curious about the mysterious muse behind these handcrafted gems and asked Kevin Miller to investigate. 

Dashing, daring, with enough panache to go around the whole forest, he just might be the most interesting fox in the world. Monsieur Fox is the allegorical animal that represents the suave accessories brand by the same name. His likeness and limbs are ever present in the brand’s sterling silver cufflinks, so we thought we’d ask the sly devil what makes him so dapper. We got a whole lot of wisdom back, channeled through Monsieur’s human counterpart, Adrian Azodi.


What makes accessories like cuff links and tie clips so crucial to an outfit?

It’s one of those little details that put the bow on the gift, so to speak. It’s easy to wear a blazer, shirt, and tie. But, when you add in a few key elements, these accessories add a sense of panache that can’t be beat; it’s the difference between someone who likes having their time taken from them and someone who takes time for themselves. 

How can men of intrigue connect with their fashionable side in a masculine way?

Men of intrigue are rare these days, although there seems to be resurgence in the past few years. From the 1500s onwards, those with the ability actively sought rare, unique items to furnish their wardrobes, collections, or manor houses with worthwhile little treasures. For the modern man, a sense of mystery and desire can be evoked in those around him, by wearing something truly unique or unusual, giving him just the right touch of the eccentric that will rouse the interest of a passing lady to spark up a conversation. 


You seem to have lived a full life. What’s your advice for men looking to get the most out of their life, and looks?

Ah, well thank you, to be honest, for me the secret is serendipity. Time and time again I’ve found that had I not done things of my own accord, acted on my wishes, life would be far more dull. Many people get into the “I can’t because…” trap; all we need to do is to think “Would I want to re-watch this life being lived?” If the answer is no, it’s time to go out and do something about it. 

What is about your name that is representative of men’s fashion? Plainly put, why a fox?

Well, the House of Fox goes back many generations, and the story is bit of a tale, but we’ve felt the Fox is a keen allegory for the modern man. He is known for his adaptability, for his cleverness, for that rather dapper reddish coat and white breast, with blackened nose and ears (second only to the Penguin within the animal kingdom, I might add), he has a suave and debonair look about him. Men really connect to this and women are always attracted to a man that is put together, but a tad disheveled, too; if he was completely safe, it would be boring!


Name one of your fashion icons.

The style eras I consider iconic are the ’50s Italian Riviera, and the early, roarin’ ’20s in the U.S. Both of these periods were filled with wonder and excitement over future possibilities and an exuberance that I think we have yet to match, and both occurred very shortly after World Wars. Oscar Wilde is another favorite (arguably the first “dandy”, and quite the dresser), so I’d say he’s an icon. 

Where do your cufflinks get their names?

The names for each piece for this collection come from mainly French characters that I’ve read or known about, from princes and kings to paupers and farmers. They each had at least one daring story or small local legend about them, and that really attracts me, as those kinds of folk tales usually go missing from our collective histories, but they often, in my opinion, provide the most color to humanity. 

Kevin Miller



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