All About Jack In Three Acts

We think the world would be a better place if men learned more about accessories. Angie Nagel breaks it down in a three-part master class. 


When thinking about ways to incorporate today’s Jack Spade sale into our blog, we tossed around a lot of ideas. We discussed researching the history of the company. (Did you know the first Jack Spade bag was sold to a hardware store in 1997?) Then, we thought about how men’s accessories often skimp out on the details, and how important the little things are when it comes to making an impression (amiright, ladies?). Lastly—and to me, most amusingly—we thought it’d be fun (and educational) to give some of the men at Fab a little lesson in ways to add adult sophistication to their wardrobe.

Because we’re such big fans, (and maybe a tiny bit indecisive) we decided to do a little bit of everything.

Act 1

A Bit About The Brand:

The Setting: Mid-nineties. A loft on Warren street, lower Manhattan.

The People: Andy Spade and his wife Kate. 

The Concept: To make workman-style bags that go beyond basic, but are by no means precious.

The Result: A messenger bag made from waxed cotton and heavy canvas. To test its durability, Jack Spade sells its prototype bag to a hardware store. It passes.

The Company Today: Jack Spade has seven of its own brick-and-mortar’s in the U.S., and its apparel and accessories stacks the shelves at high-end retailers and specialty shops worldwide. The brand’s success is attributed to its die-hard dedication to keeping things simple, stylish, practical, and impeccably well made.


Act 2

It’s All In The Details:

Let’s talk about men’s accessories. Listen up, okay, because there’s more to it than you think.

Now, while society does not encourage you to sport layer upon layer of pearls, peacock feathers, silk scarves, headbands, and toe rings (though, if you do, we’re jealous and would you please send us pics and tips ‘cause we’d love to be able to pull it off but are just not sure how), you do still have a plethora of products to choose from. Men’s accessories are a little different than women’s in that they almost always serve a purpose.

Let’s take a watch, for example. Unlike a statement necklace, or say, a couple of chunky bangles, timepieces actually do something other than make you look adorbs. They tell you the time. This, my man-friends, is the defining factor of a men’s accessory. It’s function over fashion.

What’s that you say? Can’t I have both? The answer is Yes. Thanks to stylish timepieces like this one from Jack Spade.


Designing primarily men’s accessories—wallets, bags, tech cases—Jack Spade pays attention to utility, but doesn’t override the fact that it’s the details that really makes something special.

Moving on to wallets. If your wallet is A) A rubber band, B) Falling apart at the seams, C) A pretentious solid-gold money clip engraved with your initials, or D) Has Velcro—anywhere, consider this Credit Card Holder from Jack Spade.


With its super slim silhouette, credit card slits aplenty, Sailor Jerry-inspired lining, and anchor embossment, this wallet is a prime example of the fine details we’re looking for. It’s chockfull of helpful features and, it’s really nice to look at.

Score this wallet and score major points with the ladies. (I mean, who doesn’t want to be reminded of a 7-bedroom yacht in Monte Carlo. That’s what comes to my mind, anyway.) This billfold will also help you eliminate that awkward bulge in your back pocket (gross), not to mention, you’ll never have to worry about the crippling effects of the over-stuffed wallet, which we all learned about from poor Mr. Costanza.

Here’s another example of details-done-right. This iPhone protects your tech while telling the world: “I have nice things and I take care of them, but I don’t take myself too seriously”.


Do you see what we mean about details? How men’s accessories can do their duty as a helpful-extra but with the right details, an accessory will actually get you noticed.

Because the way you carry your things has a major impact on how you carry yourself. Which, in turn, has a major impact on how people perceive you and then judge you. And trust us, they will judge you. Hard.

Act 3

Style Tips For Fab Guys:

We’ve rounded up three dudes from Fab’s HQ that we thought could use a little help in the style department.

Here’s Matt Daly: Senior Director of Order Management Products. While he describes his personal style as: “I dunno. I like western shirts and whatever’s comfortable,” his chain wallet says otherwise.


Matt, ditch that chunky hardware and bring out that hunky man! May I suggest Jack Spade’s Wesson Card Holder. It’s thin, so it’s really comfortable, and it’s bright yellow to match that sunny personality!


Say hello to Kevin Miller, our fellow Copywriter. Here’s what Kevin had to say: “ I have the style of man who grew up around preppy people but has always strived for street-wear sensibilities. Most of the time I try to do a causal blend of the two, meanwhile retaining my masculinity. I’m certainly in touch with my fashionable side”.

And here’s Kevin with his “bag”.


A plastic bag Kevin, really? While your outfit is on-point and that penny skateboard is seriously the jam, it’s time you get a grown-up version of your “carryall.” This tote is a little off-kilter, a little rebellious, but it’s sophisticated and has that prep factor.


David Ward is one of our beloved Project Coordinators. David works really hard but it seems that his iPhone case might be working a little harder. It’s chipped on the corners and the color is fading: It’s falling apart. David’s style go-to is “old T-shirts from shows…I’ll wear them ‘til they’re in tatters.” Which is cool and all, but you shouldn’t apply those same sartorial standards to your tech.


Okay, David doesn’t have an iPhone 5. But this iPhone case from Jack Spade will be his as soon as he gets one. (That’s a personal promise from me, David. ‘Cause you need one, bad.) This one’s rugged yet refined, and according to your dark denim jeans and bountiful bristle, so are you.


Now, dear reader, it’s your turn. Find a sophisticated version of your favorite accessories, along with swim trunks, Henley’s, and cotton crewnecks, right here.

Angie Nagel


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