A Day In The Life Of Hello Kitty

Kitty White, better known to the public as Hello Kitty, was in a quandary. She’d just learned about an important trip and was packing in a great hurry.

First of all, she knew she had to be fierce for the journey, so she pulled out her leopard print luggage. With her trademark image subtly infused into the animal print design, there would be no confusion at baggage claim.


Her first stop of the day would be a speaking engagement to an auditorium full of eager young students. Hello Kitty smiled. She had the purr-fect tote bag and composition book-inspired iPad case to demonstrate how to mix in some sass with classwork.

Next on the agenda was a ladies’ luncheon. The pretty floral barrel bag and embossed hot pink iPad case were surefire choices for a refined feline, but Kitty wanted to go the extra mile. Aha! A pair of knee socks with rows of her famous bows would add an extra special touch of purr-sonality.

Whew, what a full schedule! Luckily, it’s not all work and no play for this captivating cat. Hello Kitty would be attending a rock concert to end the day. Her classic faux leather wallet would allow her to dance unencumbered, while a pair of Kiss socks—complete with flame motifs creeping up the toes—would complete her ensemble.

After Kitty tossed in a few extra daytime bows, she paw-sed and peered into her suitcase. “All done! Well, that wasn’t so hard after all.” She even had time for a catnap before her flight.

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Shirley Chan


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