Rifle Paper Co.: ’Til Death Do This Art

It’s a likely story: Intoxicated by romance, an accomplished artist and her business-minded groom determine they will be equally compatible work partners, and decide to build a stationery brand in the charming confines of their one-bedroom apartment. They smile, embrace, and clink celebratory glasses of Prosecco while envisioning the new life of shared entrepreneurship that lies ahead. After all, what’s mine is yours.




Easy. Brilliant. What could go wrong?

In the case of Anna and Nathan Bond: nothing. I’m obviously kidding, do you know what is entailed in starting a business? Through the requisite all-nighters and gnashing of teeth, the couple built a company on trial and error…emphasis on the error. But the partnership worked, for better or for worse. Anna has even said that she and Nathan would “alternate meltdowns” during its rocky launch process. (How romantic.) 

Not long after getting Rifle Paper Co.’s online store off the ground in 2009, brands like Anthropologie began to approach the Bonds in the hopes of carrying their whimsical handmade wares.



The ambitious duo rapidly grew into a family of 19—employees, that is—once Anna and Nathan traded in their makeshift studio for a real one. 

Four years later, Rifle Paper Co. is flourishing, and brightening the shelves of retailers across the globe. Any struggles of starting a small business are untraceable amid this sea of buoyant and beautiful paper goods. 

They’ve clearly got this “spouses-turned-colleagues” thing down to a science. But how to keep that artistic flame alive? As Creative Director, Anna knows no limits to her subject matter:

The Anatomy of Love Card puts a romantic spin on the biology of emotion. (Brings new meaning to “trust your gut,” doesn’t it?)


The Telephone Notepad is an adorable throwback to the rotary phone…and the original “text message.”


Most recently, Rifle ventured out of paper products with everyone’s favorite accessory of self-expression: the iPhone case. Here, the cold concrete of Gotham becomes a fanciful wonderland. How do we get a one-way ticket to that place?



The common thread in this eclectic cache is, of course, Anna’s illustrative style—organic yet ornamental, current yet nostalgic. And after a glimpse of the world through her wonderfully rosy-hued lens, one thing’s for sure: with the right co-pilot, anything’s possible.

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–Kate Canary


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