Heartless Machine’s Enigmatic Reality

Last night, I dreamed about a curious new world. As I wandered through fields abuzz with Swiss army knife bees and dragonflies, I realized—in the way you suddenly know things in dreams—that this place was called Heartless Machine

A few minutes into my surreal stroll, I felt a smooth cold object tap me on the ankle. A very large, sharply gleaming spider with scissor blades for legs and wingnut joints peered up at me. My eyes widened, and I backed away from it carefully. As I moved, it shook its metal head impatiently and motioned for me to follow it.

Atop a purple hill, an ancient tree grew, its tangled roots forming a gnarled entryway. I paused in front of it, unsure if I should enter, and again the spider waved me on impatiently. We made our way forward in total darkness through a long corridor with earthen walls that opened up into a cavernous amphitheater.

On the stage in the center, an industrial steel marionette was conducting a very peculiar orchestra. The motion of his arms caused his body to sway in the air as it was suspended on steel cables.

Surrounding this dancing metal man, amplifying instruments controlled by gadgets with glowing screens created a complex chorus of music. 

Mesmerized, I wandered further into the cave, almost tripping over a strange stone. My eyes had begun to adjust to the dim light, and I knelt to the ground to examine the rock. It looked like the fossil of a creature that looked eerily familiar. I looked around to see remnants of a mysterious past strewn everywhere as the music reached a crescendo.

It was then that I realized nothing was a dream. Heartless Machine was a thrilling reality, and I was viewing their collection on Fab. Incredible. This world can be so ceaselessly inspiring.

Be sure to check out the world of Heartless Machine in this afternoon’s Vintage shop, only on Fab.

—Shirley Chan



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