Five Fab Ways To Stay Occupied (And Cute!) Indoors


There’s a chill in the air, a steaming Earl Grey in your hand, and the corner store’s been playing a lot more Neil Young than The Beach Boys lately. It’s dark outside by the time you leave the office, and when you get home, the only thing that sounds better than cuddling up with your loved one is eating some spice-roasted squash with a side of more squash. Your flannel button-downs are hanging where your sundresses once were, and you’ve traded your flip-flops for shearling-lined slippers.

It’s fall guys. And to be honest, we’re not that stoked about it. 

Don’t get us wrong; there’s a whole lot to love about the mostly mild mannered season: Sunsets, sweaters, hayrides, and Halloween, for example. But truth be told, we’re going to miss summer.  

So, to us, the best thing about fall really is the prospect of, well…doing nothing. That’s right— this autumn, we’re going all out by staying in.

To make the most of your indoor time, we’ve selected five of our fall favorites from our Crisp Picks For Brisk Days collection, which can be shopped today. From home, no less!

Dye-ing For A Change

Staying at home might have you itching for a change of scenery, but it’s too cold to go outside. So, change your hair color instead! We chose Color Swypes’ temporary hair dye in red so you can match your follicles to the falling foliage.



Cold Feet

There’s nothing worse than frigid feet. Instead of shoving your icicle toes under your lover’s freakish furnace legs, put on some frickin’ socks. This Happy Socks Set will keep your tootsies warm and cozy but they’re also great for passing the time sliding around hardwood floors and dancing, Risky Business style.


Prep For Leather Weather

Often, and especially for cowboys and biker babes, leather in the fall becomes your second skin. You’d better be good to it. While you’re watching Good Will Hunting or Dead Poet’s Society (or some other fall-ish flick that’s set in New England and stars Robin Williams) use this all-in-one Leather Kit to clean, restore, and moisturize your leatherwear.


Primp As Pastime

Spending time at home means spending time on the phone. And like, when you’re, like, on the phone, for like, six hours, you should totally be painting your nails. This polish set from Rainbow Honey comes in a cornucopia of seasonally appropriate sparkly shades.


That’s a Wrap!

Since you’re hanging indoors, you’re going to be eating more, and moving less. That whole “winter weight” gain thing? Don’t let it happen to you. Time to dust off the old Jane Fonda VHS or break out the Wii Tennis. Put on your yoga pants, that off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, tie your hair up in a side pony, and get ready to sweat. These hairbands from Mane Message are not just adorable; they’re also essential for a workout.



 Okay, turns out fall’s not that bad. We’re actually falling for it already. (See what we did there?)

Can’t wait to be a homebody? Keep cozy in your crib by cruising here. 

Angie Nagel




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