Design Goes To The Dogs: Kevy K’s High-End Feeders

Kevy K. Designs produces pet feeders that unite haute design and doggy dining. Using materials like high-gloss acrylic, beautiful Carrara marble, and genuine onyx, these sophisticated receptacles are thoughtfully designed with added weight—so they don’t get pushed around—and a height proven to help facilitate proper digestion. That makes these feeders as functional as they are attractive, and we decided to ask a few questions of co-founder Kevin Thomas about breaking the fur ceiling when it comes to pet design.

Kevy K. Designs’ Ultra Pet Bowls

Why did you decide to launch Kevy K. Designs with pet feeders? Is there any reason you chose feeders over other pet products?

KT: My wife and I opened Snooty Pets in 1999. It was one of the first classy pet boutiques with an upscale decor and unique products. The emotional reactions of customers when they saw unique, luxury pet products for the first time was the motivation. They wanted no more boring pet products for their well thought out home environment.

The pet fashion category was taking off big time, so designer pet collars, carriers, and clothes were becoming hip. However, the pet-dining category was limited, so after several years of contemplation, this was the area I choose.

Kevy K. Designs’ products are notably luxurious. What was the motivation for tailoring a deluxe line with such a fine fit and finish?

Galaxy Pet Bowl

KT: I love art and design objects. We all like to surround ourselves with the things we love; it makes us feel good. So I wanted to create artistic pet dinnerware that was functional, pleasing to the eye, and timeless.

The materials used for your pet feeders help them stand apart from the rest of the pack. What informs your material choices?

Gisele Pet Bowl

KT: As far as the materials selection, durability and elegance was it. Acrylic is clean and sleek and pairs well with stainless steel. Marble and onyx are organic with rich characteristics. No two are alike.

Now that you’ve made an impact on the world of pet feeders, what other pet products are you looking forward to redesigning for the discerning dog or cat?

KT: I see a pet food storage container and a toy box in the future.

Finally, if there was one wild animal you could design products for, which would it be? What’s your dream species?

KT: I think a giraffe would be cool because they have to bend down so far.

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