Our Christmas List, Revisited

Dear Santa,

We apologize for all those haphazardly scrawled, poorly curated Christmas lists of yore. You see, we grew up in a time when wishes sprung only from our own imaginations—a time when a place like Fab was just a twinkle in your little elves’ eyes.  

Today—thanks to a little Christmas magic and a lot of bandwidth—we have your entire workshop at our fingertips. So it seems only right to offer a long overdue revision of our childhood wish list.

RoboMe: Robots are the new puppies. The only thing better than a furry ball of love leaping toward you on Christmas morning is a sophisticated piece of circuitry that recognizes your face, responds to your voice, and syncs with your iPhone. It’s Man’s Best Friend of the Future, and we gotta have it.

Lightshow DJ: Psshh…totally not afraid of the dark anymore. But the nightlight was once a bedroom staple. So if we (hypothetically) wanted one (for nostalgic purposes only), this device would be it. It creates a light show to the beat of the music it plays—so let’s kick back and count some sheep like it’s 1992.

Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head: Few things are as satisfying as disfiguring an anthropomorphic potato. But back in the day, the fun was limited to a few fundamental facial features. Not so with this bona fide superhero—or should we say “spud-hero”?

Humungous Heart Plush: Just because we’ve all outgrown Pauly the Purple Platypus doesn’t mean we don’t need a snuggle buddy now and then. Forget the cutesy plushies of our youth—in the shape of a human heart, this one is downright academic. (Note: This is what the Grinch’s ticker really looked like after it grew a few sizes.)

Super Mario Checkers Game Set: This is pretty much our childhood dream come true. It’s the lovechild of one epic video game and two ageless board games: checkers and tic-tac-toe. That’s like three presents in one (plus another chance to fight with our siblings over who gets to be Luigi).

Elemental Block Set: We scoffed at the so-called “educational” toys as kids—having perfected our ABC’s while the other kids were spewing gibberish—but this block set taps into the adult intellect. Instead of letters and numbers, each cube highlights six elements of the periodic table. Crisp, colorful, and crafted by hand, it’s a chemistry lesson-turned-conversation piece.

No need to stop there, Santa. We’re sure you already have plenty of tricks up that puffy red sleeve of yours. Oh, and by the way? Don’t worry about weighing down the sleigh this year…Fab delivers.


The Kids @ Heart @ Fab

—Kate Canary


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