Where Old + New Align: Joe Doucet for Odabashian

From an outside perspective, Odabashian and Joe Doucet appear to have little in common. The former is a legendary American rug brand with nearly a century of production under its belt; the latter is a contemporary design powerhouse who dances among disciplines with ease. Their crossing of paths seems unlikely, at best—but then again, brilliance often means beating the odds.

The Common Thread

Founded in 1921 and family-run to this day, Odabashian has a bit of a traditional reputation (albeit a glowing one). Even its artisanal relationships in Turkey, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and along the Silk Road are several generations deep.


But a history of handcraft is just one-half of Odabashian’s success. It is committed to creating textiles that are totally unique—each one inimitable in its development and story. For decades, bespoke designs for hotels, museums, and retailers have been the company’s livelihood. It taps architects, graphic designers, and other innovators around the world for the concepts, which master artisans eventually bring to life.

With innovation and partnership in its DNA, Odabashian has long been poised to make its debut in the modern home. Enter Joe Doucet: A multidisciplinary designer who has emerged as a pivotal figure in the future of interiors. Among his numerous honors are a 2012 Good Design Award for furniture and a 2014 Cooper-Hewitt/Smithsonian National Design Award for product design.


Joe Doucet’s Toaster for Braun

Driven by concept, Doucet is undaunted by new disciplines or unfamiliar mediums—in fact, he embraces them. Such is the case with his Align Rug, designed for Odabashian in 2013.

Tradition + Technology

Align’s crisp, graphic design appears computer-generated, but it actually mirrors the hand knotting method used to construct it. This traditional technique is based around a series of small grids, each approximately 2 mm x 2 mm in size. Doucet’s pattern parallels this formation in a giant, magnified framework.

Linear and precise, Align marks the intersection of two opposing inspirations: ancient technique and modern technology. Therein lies its beauty. 

Unmatched Materials

Rivaling the rug’s visual virtues is its texture. Each grid line consists of luminous banana silk, which begs to be traced by the toes. A dark backdrop of the finest New Zealand wool lends strength and weight without compromising softness.

Like everything else about it, the impulse to walk barefoot all over the Align Rug is entirely by design.


One Year Later

Having first debuted at WantedDesign in Spring 2013, Align is enjoying a highly anticipated re-launch in three Fab-exclusive colors—two of which were specially designed with our collections in mind.


With that, we welcome back the Align Rug—as it has never been seen before.

Kate Canary


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