The Fab Guide To Better Beaching

April is in full swing, guys—if April means getting soaked in impromptu downpours and scrambling to file our taxes on time. But it also means gearing up for summer without looking like total fools, so we’ll take it.

Today, we launch Vertty Beach Towels, which are—in the collective opinion of Fab’s sunning enthusiasts—redefining beach going as we know it. Hailing from Portugal and made with the mantra “Try a new angle,” these textiles are distinguished by a striking multifaceted shape that folds into an easy-to-tote triangle, complete with a matching box.image

But that’s just tip of the sand dune, friends.

Each Vertty towel is 10% larger than your average beach towel, yet 30% lighter. The secret is the company’s proprietary material called Ketten, which features a net polyester core and cotton exterior. The cotton absorbs moisture as you towel off, but the core stays dry. That means no more soggy treks home, or awkward attempts at hanging your towel out the car window as you drive. (That never works.) Isn’t leaving enough of a bummer already?

So in the spirit of enjoying the best of the beach without the typical hassles, we’ve compiled a list of solutions for the months of sand-and-surf ahead. 

Vertty Beach Towel: Trade soggy, heavy, and all-around inferior towels for this sliver of Portuguese innovation. It even includes a waterproof pocket for small valuables.


Beach Thingy: This brilliant backrest stakes into the sand (just like your umbrella), saving you the clunky mess of folding chairs. Set it up behind your Vertty towel and take your throne. image

Vino 2 Go: The beach is no place for your finest crystal chalices. This to-go goblet makes it easy to sip on a crisp Pinot Gris as you watch the sunset (and, if necessary, make a spill-free getaway from the fun police).image

WOW Speaker: This portable sound system is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can keep your iPhone stowed away and sand-free … and still share that epic Bob Marley playlist with your neighbors.image

The Net Bag: This spacious tote has a net-like construction that won’t collect sand in the bottom. (It’s also big enough for a volleyball, should you be so ambitious.) Throw in all of the above—plus your strongest bottle of SPF—and go.


So what if your toes have yet to see the light of day this year? Soon you’ll be digging them into the warm sand, unable to recall a time when you were anything but barefoot. Be ready, beach bums.

 —Kate Canary


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