Fine-Crafted Cuffs By May Furniture

In the world of May Furniture Co., jewelry and furniture go hand in hand. A trained woodworker and master craftsman, designer Travis James proves—with his signature wood cuffs—that jewelry doesn’t need gemstones or precious metal to glow. We chatted with Travis about his process, his design philosophy, and his vision for the future of May Furniture Co.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your design background?

My design background is built of a stew of mediums including photography, drawing, sculpture, furniture, and playing music. My personality is sort of obsessive and orderly. My color palate for furniture is muted colors and monochromatic. I like earthen objects at times, and other times I like the geometric appropriations of nature, as seen in many Asian designs. My design philosophy for my furniture is to create pieces with a quiet strength and a feeling of harmony.

How did May Furniture Co. come about?

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Born In Brooklyn

[Brewed, Stuffed, Rolled & Sliced There, Too]


From the 17th-century, when Dutch farmers grew pickling cucumbers throughout present-day Brooklyn, to the late 1800s, when Wallabout Market (now the Navy Yard) bustled with horses, carriages, and produce, to today, as Brooklyn enjoys a renaissance of wineries, rooftop farms, chocolate makers, and food purveyors of all stripes—Brooklyn has always been a multicultural food mecca.

Eager to pay tribute to the borough’s hardworking food artisans, we nibbled and we sipped. We Smorbasburg’d and we brought the smorgasbord to the office. And we loved what we found. We hope you’re as excited as we are (trust us, you should be) for Fab’s very first Made in Brooklyn food event. From local stalwarts to neighborhood newbies this collection is downright droolworthy.

Here’s a look at a few of our featured artisans to whet your appetite.

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Studio City: MASHstudios’ Bernard Brucha Talks Shop


Based in Los Angeles, CA, MASHstudios prides itself on projects that push the creative envelope. Specializing in furniture design and manufacturing, the multidisciplinary design firm and initially got its start in a Venice Beach apartment in 2002. Today, it works with brands such as Kid Robot, Crate and Barrel, Alexis Bittar, AOL, and Microsoft.

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We fell in love with Twig Terrariums way back in the fall of 2011, when we first featured them on the site. Naturally, these miniature worlds of wonder were a huge hit. We had to see the magic being made for ourselves, so we went to visit Michelle and Katy at their studio in Brooklyn. If you find yourself falling in love, too, you’re in luck: Twig Terrariums go on sale in Saturday night's Garden Shop. 

Fish of Feather Design Together: Lucky Fish Discusses Brooklyn’s Burgeoning Artisan Scene

In South Africa, “lucky fish” is a colloquialism for someone to be envied (like the American “lucky duck”, we gather). Jann Chiefitz, founder of the brand Lucky Fish, certainly counts herself fortunate to be part of a burgeoning community of artisans who have settled in Brooklyn and built it into something of a design mecca.

Jann moved to from South Africa nearly 20 years ago and set up shop in Brooklyn, where she continues to grow her line of clever, hand-printed tees and home goods. As a veteran of the local artisan community, Jann has witnessed firsthand the cultivation of a “made in Brooklyn” cache, which, she says, has come to apply universally to products that are “smart and stylish, yet unapologetically artisanal and local.” We spoke with Jann about her work in the context of the greater design community and how the has scene has grown, changed, and shaped her own vision.


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