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Dude, You’re Getting a Dyson

Cleaning products come and go, but a Dyson is forever. Seriously. Dyson products are the Lamborghini of the vacuum and fan world: technically magnificent, quick, quiet, and not so bad on the eyes, either. And today, you can find them on Fab!

Check out these words straight from the (company) horse’s mouth below about what makes a Dyson different and then try to resist checking them out. We dare you. 

Dyson is a technology company – a third of our people are engineers (1,500 and growing). Like James Dyson, our engineers design iteratively – making a single, small change until you get it right – testing and retesting as you go. Getting down to the granular detail puts each component under a microscope, so no element is left untouched. It’s exacting and it takes time.

Dyson engineers start with a frustration. For James, it was vacuum bags that clog. The most recent frustration was with hair tangling around the brush bar (the lead engineer actually has long hair!). Once the problem has been identified, our engineers get to work brainstorming ideas. They’re not bound to any methodology – in fact, the weirder and riskier the better. We call it wrong thinking – having an idea so off base that it snowballs, until you hit on something that just might work. It allows us to not be afraid of the inevitable struggle to a bright new idea and to have the courage to follow our instincts and apply technology in the most unlikely of places.”