The Five People You Meet At Rosh Hashanah Dinner

It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming in 5773, but now it’s the end of August and the New Year is just around the corner. Say, “Shana Tova” to traditional favorites and innovative new treats alike in tonight’s Foodie Shop.


The “Traditiooooon…tradition!” Guest

More than anything else in this world, your Bubbe loves you. Mountains may crumble, oceans run dry; your Bubbe loves you. And rugelach from those nice boys at Court Street Grocers. What flavor? Oh, she’s not picky. But if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could someone pass the chocolate, please? You’re such a sweet boy. Maybe you’d like to meet her friend Sylvia’s niece? You know Sylvia, from mah jongg.

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Conversation with a Salty Lady


Atlanta-based chef Suzi Sheffield of Beautiful Briny Sea makes the most delightful salt blends we have ever tasted. Her innovative mixes are like culinary poems, full of rich and unexpected ingredients that create a harmonious flavor together.

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A Short & Sweet Q&A With Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi

That ol’ leprechaun had it all wrong. Magically delicious treats aren’t found at the end of a rainbow: they’re available in tonight’s event, which features desserts, cookie mixes, and a cookbook from the wild, wild brain of Christina Tosi—chef, founder, and owner of Momofuku Milk Bar.


As the head honcho of Momofuku Milk Bar, she creates American-style confections with a creative, quirky twist—like cornflake cookies or crack pie (an extravagant creation that counts Anderson Cooper among its addicts). All of them are a dream come true for anyone who’s always longed to visit Candyland in real life.

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If you have the same feelings about salted caramels as we do over at Fab (i.e., really, really passionate ones), then you’re not going to want to miss out on Hellimae’s small batch sea salt candies. This woman is amazing for many reasons, not the least of which is that she had a small batch caramel-making dream and decided to go for it. And if this video doesn’t make you salivate, something might be wrong. You could be a robot. Or you’re super dehydrated—quick, go get a glass of water, but don’t miss Helliemae’s Handcrafted Caramels in the Fab Foodie Shop, all this week!

Founded in 1925, family-owned fine chocolatier Richart was created with both sumptuous taste and appealing aesthetics in mind—tasting its chocolates is truly an experience that should dance across all your senses (not just taste!). In fact, the products come with a guide for ultimate cocoa enjoyment. We dare you not to drool.

1. Inspect the chocolate with your eyes. Take in its shape, its contours, the slick surface and design detailing. 

2. Perceive the chocolate: Imagine what it will feel like in your fingers. Project the texture. Pick it up, feel its weight. 

3. Taste the chocolate. Don’t bite! Allow it to melt on your tongue. Does it remind you of anything? Explore the layers of complex flavor profiles.

4. Talk about the chocolate. Like any experience, reliving it through memory is edifying—and because Richart creations are relatively small, you can go back and enjoy another soon enough, guilt-free.

Don’t forget to share, and bon appetit!

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