Genis Carreras is a designer-cum-philosophy enthusiast living and working in London. Today, his poster series, Philographics, is available on Fab. Learn more about Genis and his work below!

At this point, I’ve typed your name “Genuis” about six times instead of Genis (clearly that’s reflective of something about the posters). Is that a family name? Or are you just one “u” short of a genius?

My name (pronounced Je-knees) is unusual even in my own country. I’m from a little city in Catalonia, between Barcelona and France. I’ve been living in London for two years now and, as you can imagine, introducing myself straightaway is still not easy.

I love that you’re equal parts philosopher and graphic designer in Philographics. How did you get started in design, and how did this particular project come to be?

I’ve been making things since I was a child, but my path to design was gradual. I started with digital studies and after some time I moved to graphic design and print.

My attraction to philosophy began by reading Nietzsche in my early teen years. I never thought about connecting all this theory with the practice of design until I started Philographics. The project, born as a personal exercise to join two passions, became something bigger thanks to the internet. Today, I receive emails from people from all around the globe who love (or want to discuss!) my choices to university teachers who want to use my visuals as educational resources. This amazing feedback has encouraged me to carry on with this project, so I’ll be introducing some new theories soon!

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever worked on?

Since I graduated, I’ve been lucky to be involved in a weird mixture of projects. I really enjoyed one where the team had to create a new drink for a famous whiskey company. Mixologists created new cocktails; creative and marketing people were building up the story behind the drinks; and I had to distill all this into a visual and its label. The cons? It was a bit too early in the morning for booze.

In this collection, which designs are your favorite? Any ones in particular you try to apply to everyday living?

I think I’ve given so many different answers to this question, but generally I like “Free Will” and “Existentialism,” not only for the artwork but also because of my connection to these theories. I think I started to love them more after I read someone else’s interpretations of these posters that I didn’t put there (at least consciously). I’m fascinated about how people project their own vision to my posters, making them no longer mine.

Three things you cannot work without (examples: coffee, Pokey, Bruce Springsteen, lavender candles).

English tea, Lotus Plaza (band) and silly cat pictures that my girlfriend sends me every now and then.

And that’s a wrap! Don’t miss Philographics, a graphic design series from Genis Carreras. Visit his site to see more of his work here.