Today on Fab, we’re featuring Brooklyn-based ceramics studio Perch!’s beautiful housewares. But Hurricane Sandy almost put a stop to that. The super-storm nearly knocked out Perch!’s business. This is the story of its survival. 


For nearly ten years, artist and product designer Amy Adams ran Perch!—her ceramic design studio—out of a Civil War-era industrial building in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. But that all changed in October of 2012, when Hurricane Sandy descended on the New York area and wreaked havoc on its residences, businesses, and public transportation. When Amy heard about the extreme flooding in the area, she feared the worst. 

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Fab began at a restaurant table and performed its early operations in our CEO’s kitchen. We had a tiny slice of office after that, and then a slightly larger spot in Midtown, where we eventually sprawled out across two floors.

When Fab moved to the West Village, there was finally enough room for everyone to truly spread out in a big, beautiful space that reflects the aesthetic of our business. But soon enough, all empty desks were filled and we found ourselves—once again—in need of more square footage. The addition to the Fab office was nearly complete when Bad Sandy blew into town.

Early Tuesday morning, our CEO sent out an email to NYC employees in response to the storm. The subject line read “Team Togetherness.” What has followed over the last five days has been nothing short of inspirational. Hundreds of emails from our team across NYC metro, into New Jersey and Long Island, came pouring in: offers for shelter, transportation, food, support, and help in whatever way it was needed.

It’s easy to apply a certain triteness to the word family when you’re talking about something beyond your flesh and blood. But that’s not the case at Fab. Family is sticking together when times are tough. Family is keeping your commitments to one another. Family is togetherness. This week, we proved that the Fab team really is a family, and that it’ll take more than a hurricane to break us.

These photos were taken throughout the week in the homes of our Fab team members. Turns out, one of the things we love about work is the people we work with—and it’s way more fun to get the job done with them than without them. From Williamsburg to Hell’s Kitchen, Clinton Hill on up to Harlem, into New Jersey and Queens, we spent this week working together. And that’s how we weathered the storm.

Fab Holiday Shop Launches Today—It’ll Take More Than Sandy To Slow Us Down

Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows that Christmas in July is no joke. Sure, it’s funny to put up a tree and sing carols in 85 degree heat (or is it? really?), but any commerce company worth its salt has been carefully outlining its plan for cyber Monday since early summer. So while you were cranking the A.C., donning an unattractive sweater, and sipping eggnog, Fab buyers were selecting products for our amazing holiday shop—something for everyone at every price. You’re welcome. We hope your ornament-shapes-only cookie exchange was awesome.

Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to plan for everything. Fab—along with many, many other businesses and hundreds if thousands of people in the North East—is working to right itself after the topsy turvy following Hurricane Sandy. Our West Village offices are without electricity, and we’re working to get our warehouses powered back up. It’s been a tough week.

It’s also been an inspiring week. In the first hours after the storm, Fab team members were back on email, checking on one another, offering up their homes, spare bedrooms—and yes, makeshift kitchen table/office spaces with Internet connections. We’ve been working, remotely but together, all this week to bring you a beautiful holiday launch this morning. We’re committed to making your gifting experience the best it can be. Because we’re Fab. It’ll take much, much more than a hurricane to keep us from trying to make you smile.

Beyond the gorgeous gift offerings, we’ve also made some changes to our site to make finding those perfect presents easier than ever. Take a look at the updates on Fab, or learn more about them on BetaShop, our CEO’S blog, right now. Oh, and did we mention—Fab holiday picks ship to you in one to five days? So last minute gifters, don’t worry. We’ve got you.

Everyone who is going through the aftermath of this disaster with us: You’re in our hearts. No one can say it better than our CEO, Jason Goldberg: 

"From our Fab family to you and yours: Happy Holidays. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to be there for you this year. Thus far in 2012 Fab has grown from 1.5 million customers to 9 million, serving design lovers in 26 countries, and selling 4 products per minute. We’re hopeful that we’ve been able to brighten your lives and make you smile. This has been a tough week for us here at Fab in NYC, but we’re still smiling. Big time."

Don’t miss the Fab Holiday Shop, where you can truly find something for everyone this year, from mom and dad to your boss and best friend. Live now on at