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A Gem From Down Under

Emma Elizabeth

Australian designer Emma Elizabeth is a woman of many talents. Trained as a set designer in Milan, she returned to her native land down under after realizing she would need to start her own business if she was going to put all her passions to professional use.

After trying her hand at wallpaper design and working as a stylist, Emma Eizabeth entered a national competition held by Designer Rugs, and though she didn’t win, her design finished in the top six and was manufactured by the company. She next took her show on the road—to Milan, to London, and most recently to ICFF—where it wowed Fab’s textiles buyer. Watch for Emma Elizabeth on the Fab site in just a few weeks!

Emma Elizabeth

Fab Faves From ICFF

As ICFF—or, for our acronym-resistant friends, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair—wraps up, the Fab team reflects on their favorite pieces from this year’s exhibition. Scroll on to see what rose to the top of our professional tastemaker’s lists!

Kast van een Huis Closets

The one thing at ICFF that made my heart jump was the Kast van een Huis, beautiful closets and storage units shaped like Dutch canal houses, from Cool Kids Company. I love them because they’re  fun and cute, but also because they’re so functional. They look especially beautiful together, and I like that you can recreate a street in Amsterdam in miniature scale in your own house. 

-Johanna Lenander, Editorial Director

Woodchuck Pendants by Lindsey Adelman

Love the customizable aspect of these, and their jewelry-like sensibility! 

-Chad Phillips, Executive Director, Merchandising, Special Projects

Urbio Modular Shelves

Easy to put together and ideal for transitional spaces, Urbio’s shelves add color and excitement to your walls. They’re also fully recyclable, interchangeable and unbreakable! 

-Devin Guinn, Buyer 

Kraft Composition Desk by Vonnegut/Kraft

Classic construction with innovative accent details? Color me enthusiastic.

-Cat Birch, Buyer

Hao Shi Jewelry

I love the unexpected texture and genre mix in Hao Shi designs. These creations blend startling realism with everyday street style elements. 

-Michelle Casciolo, Buyer

Round Diamond Rug by Emma Elizabeth

Emma Elizabeth is a name to keep an eye on. These Round Diamond Rug—true ICFF gems—are a glamorous and dynamic take on floor textiles! 

-Katherine Walters, Buyer

Bold & Lovely Nesting Bowls

I love the contrast of the bright, glazed interiors of these bowls with the softness of the porcelain. They are so cheery and sculptural! I particularly like the yellow. 

-Jamie Rowley, Buyer

Index tables by Jonah Takagi for Council 

The new Index tables by Jonah Takagi for Council are quietly perfect. As usual with Jonah’s work, they’re simple yet strong—the proportions are considered, the muted color wash doesn’t hide the underlying grain of the wood, and they can be disassembled and shipped flat—a benefit to retailers and buyers alike. 

-Kimberly J. Oliver, Director, Merchandising

Snake Sticker by Albertus Seba

I love this snake because it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in art and design recently. It’s both beautiful and dangerous, familiar and exotic. The colors are brilliant and the scale makes it more than just a decoration: It becomes a presence in the room. The application is something we’re used to seeing in museum exhibition graphics and it’s nice to see it brought into the home.

-Gabrielle Zola, Buyer

Joint Venture shelving by Matt Gagnon for RS Barcelona

Matt Gagnon’s Joint Venture shelving for RS Barcelona is truly a joint venture—the versatile design allows you to decide how you’d like to arrange it.

-Josephine Minutillo, Managing Editor

Getting Down With Tom Dixon

 We have a lot to celebrate this week! It’s our first ever outing at New York’s Design Week (or ICFF in business speak) and we’re making our debut in style; we’re partnering  with Tom Dixon to create a physical shopping experience. Yep. Tom Dixon. One of our absolute favorite designers, whose ideas about design democracy and love of craft are so close to our own. And as if that wasn’t humbling enough, consider the fact that he is also collaborating with us on his first online sale. Ever. 

A Sodastream soirée at MOST in Milan.

This British iconoclast is known for making innovative furniture, but he also stages outlandish and immersive public retail experiences. This showmanship extends to his democratic concept of design at large. Tom is just fine with selling his wares through normal high-end vendors as he is giving it away to the first taker. Usurping the staid channels of design retail, he has shaken up the market in more ways than one. Just this past April, the designer blazed through Milan’s annual Salone Mobile furniture fair, giving away 400 of his Stamp Lamps at MOST, an offsite capsule fair he hosted. In addition to the Tom Dixon giveaways, this mini fair proved to be a petri dish that mixed other young global design talent and budding technology practices.

Giving away lights at MOST

So, continuing his tradition of convention-breaking furniture fair events, Tom Dixon presents London Underground, a subterranean shopping and exhibition experience. Underneath an old Greenwich Village theater you can go behind the curtain to peek at the instigative designer’s next project. Get buzzed with Stumptown Coffee while you bask in the glow of Tom Dixon’s Lustre Pendants. It’s their debut and you’ll have the chance to see firsthand how the designer has moved into crafting ceramics into dynamically finished geometric forms. Want to make your design friends jealous you saw them first? Share your adventure in the Surface magazine social networking salon.

Installation of the new Fin lights, which will make their U.S. debut at London Underground.

And don’t forget to take some of the underground home with you. Fab has partnered with Tom Dixon to create an on-site shop boasting a curated selection of his seminal pendant, wall, and floor lamps alongside superbly crafted tables and home effects available for purchase on our army of iPads.

London Underground 

45 Bleecker St. (Between Lafayette St. and The Bowery)

17 – 22 May 11am – 6pm (open til 7pm Fri and Sat)