A Treat for Your Taste Buds

Regalis Foods, master purveyor of fresh, earthy truffles, has created a line of gourmet goodies that merges local artisanal ingredients with the rare European delicacies for stunning results. Visit the Fab Foodie Shop to discover edible gems like black truffle-infused honeycomb and heavenly white winter truffle.

The Fab editorial team recently had the good fortune to attend a dinner cooked by Regalis Foods founder Ian Purkayastha, a.k.a. the Prince of Truffles. While water may be the basis for life, Ian took it a few steps further with a gourmet feast of seared tuna slices, torched tuna in miso dashi broth with creamy avocado, beet salad with a deconstructed everything bagel (bagel croutons and whipped cream cheese and smoked steelhead roe, oh my!), and black truffle sous vide chicken breast topped with oyster leaf and a lush, rich poached egg that coated the tongue with each bite. Dessert was a refreshing homemade paw paw sorbet.

Each delectable course paid subtle homage to water. The tuna had been freshly caught just days earlier on a fishing expedition. Jewel-like freshwater roe popped in juicy bursts with every forkful of beet salad. The earthy truffle-scented entree was heartbreakingly tender from a lengthy sous vide bath and was garnished with mertensia maritima, an enchanting leaf that tasted like an ocean oyster. Really. It was fitting that many dishes were served on Kastehelmi plates, which have graced Fab before. With their cool blue color and droplet-inspired, three-dimensional pattern, the plates added yet another wave of palpable pleasure to the night. Needless to say, Team Edit melted as the sorbet cleansed our palates. 

Now what are you waiting for? Procure your own truffles now and see what you can do!

—Shirley Chan