Listen: The Love On The Dance Floor Playlist!

Today on Fab, we’re helping you find Love On The Dance Floor with a collection of fashion, accessories, Pop Art and music-makers. Love at first sight ain’t no thang without a Grade A soundtrack, true? True. 

And so, without further ado, we give you our exclusive Love On The Dance Floor Playlist. These are our favorite tunes with “love” in the title, perfect for pregaming, and even better for that Anti-Valentine’s Day Dance Party you’re planning. Now, work it out!

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

It’s that annoying day again, when we all take stock of our love live (or lack of it). And usually, our thoughts about relationships become overwhelmingly complex very quickly. So we decided to hear from some people who could simplify it for us.


In a stunning journalistic coup, Fab has obtained an exclusive interview with Alva and Sophie, 5-year-old philosophers, to disseminate the truth about l-o-v-e. Put down your bon-bons (well ok, have just the one), move those bouquets out of the way, and prepare to delve deeply into the mysteries of the heart.

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Sale Spotlight: Cartoules Press

We love charming little letterpress cards, don’t you? Cartoules Press—”cartoules” actually means “little cards” in Greek—has a very sweet sale going on right now. Whether you have congratulations, thanks or any other messages to deliver, you can do so in a personal and heartfelt way. Don’t forget: you need to put a stamp on the envelope and put it inside a mailbox—those are the big blue containers found on many street corners. There is also a place called the Post Office that even does all of this for you! And they sell those “stamp” things.

And if you, well, haven’t started any Valentine’s Day shopping (no excuses: our V-Day shop goes until February 12), Cartoules has lovely cards here and here

A Sans-Cliché Valentine’s Day

We think you’ll agree: Valentine’s Day needed a redesign. Desperately. ( agrees.) So we created the Design Your Valentine Pop-Up Shop. It runs until February 12 and is filled with gifts for the ones you love. And the ones you’re forgetting. Like:

Your roommate.
You’ve forgotten to clean the bathroom the last three times (!) you promised to. You “borrowed” a magazine and returned it weeks late, and all beat-up looking. And then you had that impromptu gathering after your office holiday party when all your work friends came over and drank your roommate’s special sparkling water trying to sober up. At this point, you owe him or her something really nice. Like this gender neutral Bicycle Pendant necklace from Yellow Owl.

Your serial dater best friend.
She goes from guy to guy to guy—even though you’ve been telling her for years to chill out and spend some time alone to figure out what she really wants. But she just won’t listen. Get her a Jimmy Jane Form 3. BFF is a boy? Here you go! They still may not listen to you, but we’re betting it’ll keep ‘em busy for a while—which means less drama for you to have to deal with. Win-win.

Your mom.
Yep, you have to get your mom a Valentine’s Day gift. You do. Especially if your Christmas gift was less than stellar. (You did get your mom something for Christmas, right?) Still, you don’t want to make her feel old and boring—she may be feeling that way herself. So be a hero thoughtful: get her something a little edgy and cool, like Michelle Chang’s Baby Skull Earrings.

Your pregnant sister.
You keep making plans, but really, you haven’t seen each other in weeks. She used to drag you to see her ex-boyfriend DJ terrible music every Friday night, and now she won’t even meet you for a drink. So annoying. But she’s your sister, and you love her, and you know her feet are swollen and her partner’s being a tool. It’s gonna be awhile before your next night on the town—the Disco Ball Necklace by Gabriela Artigas will remind her of all your good times even when she’s feeling crappy.

Your ex.
Hold on, relax! Before you get all crazy about the idea of buying your ex a gift for Valentine’s Day, you should know this is actually a gift for YOU! It’s the message that’s intended for the ex: chances are you’re still sort of Facebook and Twitter-stalking him anyway, so running into him will be easy now when you’re wearing your new It’s Not Me It’s You Necklace by Ana Linares. Burn.

Drum roll, please, for the most important person on your list: you. You’ve earned this, baby. You’ve listened to everyone else’s heartbreak stories, I-just-met-my-soulmate stories and everything in between. You went on dates with nice losers and good-looking jerks. Verameat’s Lucky Shoe is the only lucky charm you’ll need in 2012.