Cheers To Collaboration: Hats Off To Søren Rose x Still Life

Turn down the very quiet Harrison Street in New York City’s scenic and serene TriBeCa hood, and you’ll find the Gotham outpost of Søren Rose. The work that the Copenhagen-based design studio produces reflects its Manhattan surroundings—brimming with modern elegance tempered by a healthy dose of utilitarian chic and a dash of edginess.

Known for its statement-making bespoke furniture and interiors, Søren’s wonderful workshop is built around a team of experts in architecture, product design, and manufacturing. Their latest and greatest must-have, though, isn’t exactly what one could call home décor. In fact, it’s a line of hats—a collaboration with NYC hat maker Still Life. 

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I love NOOKA. I’ve owned their Zen H model since 2010 and even though it sparked an interest in progressive, off-the-wall watch designs, it’s still pretty much the only watch I wear. When I started at Fab, that first thing I did was make sure our buyers were aware of the brand. Of course they were. It’s Fab after all. The second thing I did? See how much my employee discount was.

It always feels good to write about a brand you actually love, so I was totally pumped when I found out I’d be interviewing the insanely creative NOOKA founder and lead designer Matthew Waldman. Due to my (most likely unhealthy) infatuation with Waldman’s products, I decided to ask him to name me his top five current inspirations. Buckle your seatbelts and please keep all arms inside the blog post. This gets a little wild.

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