Ways to Wear Your Wildlife and More with the Twins Behind Brat&Suzie

Dancing meerkats, dapper giraffes, and mice just chilling in teacups—Brat&Suzie’s realm of cute, quirky characters is like a fairytale Wonderland with a perky, modern twist. Excited to immerse ourselves in this imaginative realm, we decided to hop across the pond (in spirit) to chat with twin sisters Charlotte and Polly Vickerey about the vision behind their brand.

You describe your line as “young, fun, and British”. What does that mean exactly?

British folks are notoriously eccentric and the Brat&Suzie twins are no exception. We appeal to women of all ages, but we are a young brand with a fresh approach to fashion in the sense that we combine our love of animals, nature, and fun with our obsession with fashion and style. Our ethos is that fashion is all about having fun with your outfits—if you walk down the street today wearing a donkey in wellies or a hippy dog on your top, you’re bound to make someone smile. 

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