Fu For Thought: The Man Behind Fu-Design


I was taken at first glance by the designs of Taiwanese artist Keng-Fu Chu (Fu). They were captivating, smile-inducing, and incredibly imaginative. Novel yet strangely familiar, they called to mind the bizarre otherworldliness and hand-drawn charm of Tim Burton and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlet; the pared-down innocence of Yoshimoto Nara; and the cheerful simplicity of Goodnight Moon and Monsters Inc.

What’s more, they came with the kind of narrative detail that I can relish in. Take Fu’s introduction to Screamer the robot, for instance:


“Screamer was born in a high-tech city, longing for freedom. He was launched into outer space but landed upside down. He looked like an exclamation point when he landed in a beautiful grassy field, and was named accordingly….”

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