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Summer Like You Mean It With Hipanema


Some souvenirs are intangible, existing as memories that surface from time to time to make you smile. Parisian pals Jenny Collinet and Delphine Crech’riou met while traveling in Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by the abundance of vibrant colors and bold patterns, they founded Hipanema to translate Brazilian glamour into accessories.  


Their newest collection, available on Fab tomorrow morning, builds upon that philosophy: that exotic destinations are just a state of mind away. From the sunny St. Tropez Bracelet to the African motif of the Dakar BraceletHipanema jewelry will turn summer staycations into brag-worthy adventures. Need more ideas? Read on, my lovelies!

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Fab In Real Life - Jeff Jordan Edition


We love to see design objects from Fab out and about in the world. (Plus, we’re also snoopy and like to check out other people’s spaces.)  So imagine our delight this morning when we came across this LinkedIn article about our friend and investor Jeff Jordan’s office. Jeff says: “As you can see, I love light and color. Almost all of the artwork and interesting knickknacks in my office came from”

Mr. Jordan will always have a special place in the hearts of Fab employees, because on the day that Andreessen Horowitz’s investment was announced, he bought the whole office an amazing barbecue lunch. And cake! Clearly, this man has great taste. 




I love NOOKA. I’ve owned their Zen H model since 2010 and even though it sparked an interest in progressive, off-the-wall watch designs, it’s still pretty much the only watch I wear. When I started at Fab, that first thing I did was make sure our buyers were aware of the brand. Of course they were. It’s Fab after all. The second thing I did? See how much my employee discount was.

It always feels good to write about a brand you actually love, so I was totally pumped when I found out I’d be interviewing the insanely creative NOOKA founder and lead designer Matthew Waldman. Due to my (most likely unhealthy) infatuation with Waldman’s products, I decided to ask him to name me his top five current inspirations. Buckle your seatbelts and please keep all arms inside the blog post. This gets a little wild.

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Express Yourself: Fab Bathroom Style


If you paint a ladies’ restroom with chalkboard paint and you provide these ladies with chalk, you’re going to see some art. (At least once they catch on to the fact that the black walls are actually chalkboard. After eight months of stark minimalism, our restroom turned into a 80s subway car within one afternoon.)  It might not meet Fab’s design standards, but it meets our standards, so there’s that. 

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Blu Dot + Fab: A Colorful Collaboration

By now, it’s probably apparent that we’re color fanatics (what gave it away—a pop-up shop solely dedicated to the subject? Our chief design officer’s Instagram homage to his blue period?). And if you’ve noticed our obsession with bold, bright hues, you’re probably aware of our penchant for partnering with the best design brands, across the globe, big and small. So, it should come as no surprise that we’ve got another one up our sleeve for September! Drumroll please…

Just in time for back to school—the best time of year for revamping your workplace and buying office supplies as well as a smattering of other awesome organizational tools, many of which, ahem, can be found in our Back to School Pop-Up Shop—Fab is partnering with design darling Blu Dot to present a line of their desks, tables, chairs and lighting in Fab custom colors.

Founded in Minneapolis in 1997 by three college friends who, while furnishing their first apartments, didn’t like the stuff they could afford and couldn’t afford the stuff they liked (sound familiar?), Blu Dot aims to bring good design to as many people as possible. And though the company has paired with colleges and universities to create furniture to match student’s school spirit, this is its first color collaboration with another label.

"Blu Dot has partnered with Herman Miller and Urban Outfitters in the past, and we’re happy to continue their history of collaboration. This collection contains some of our favorite BD pieces covered in a new, Fab-chosen palette," says Bradford Shellhammer, Fab’s resident tastemaker and CDO. And by that, he means we added some of Fab’s trademark vibrancy. Fab is offering Blu Dot design staples in bright orange, black, gray and crisp white—that’s right, ladies and gentlemen: we’re one step closer to ridding the world of boring beiges.

That’s certainly not to say that Blu Dot’s more traditional palette suffers from what we call BBS (Boring Beige Syndrome). Quite the contrary: Though this is the first custom color collaboration of its kind, Fab has long looked to the Minnesota-based brand as a source of inspiration. Bradford was part of the team that launched Blu Dot’s first store in Soho, back in 2008. “Blu Dot, like us,” he says, “love and use color effectively.” The company’s inventive, playful designs are at once super chic and totally livable—the ultimate in everyday design. It’s a match made in heaven. 

So. One more time: Fab? Totally fab. Blu Dot? Equally fab. Fab + Blu Dot? Fab on all fronts, and not to be missed!

Look for the Blu Dot + Fab Color Collection on!